Top100: Thon Maker Interview

It's very early, but 2016 power forward Thon Maker, a seven-foot big man from Martinsville, Virginia, has a number of top programs taking notice. This week he's competing at the NBA Top 100 camp and had a chance to sit down with TDD to discuss recruiting and more.

Being at a camp like this, how would you describe your playing style?

Thon Maker: Well, right now you just want to try and play hard. That's the mindset you have to have in this kind of camp. It's a very impressive camp and you have an opportunity to impress everybody because we're all here collectively. You really have to show out here.

What's it like for you knowing you are considered one of the top players in your class?

There's still some work to do, and it's too early right now for recruiting people to decide because so many guys can fall off, so, as a player, you just have to keep working.

How are you adjusting to American culture coming from the Sudan?

I'm getting used to it, at first it was harder adjusting to the higher level of competition here. So far I've been on the right track. It's been hard to be away from my family but I can still communicate with them via social media.

Here at the camp you are playing a center type role and being around the rim, blocking shots, scoring in the paint…is that the kind of role you want to play in college ?

It doesn't matter, right now it's just about getting the aggressiveness down.

I heard you know Loul Deng, correct?

I know him a little bit. I met him after a game last year in New Orleans.

Did you go visit schools this past season?

A few, yes. I visited UVA, and I visited Carolina when they played against Duke at home. I also visited UCLA recently.

How did the UCLA visit go?

It went well, and I enjoyed it. I got to meet the new staff. It's going to be interesting there, and I'm going to keep an eye on them.

Did you interact with Roy Williams or his staff on the visit?

Not with Roy, but with his assistants I did.

What did you take away from the Duke and North Carolina game you saw?

Well, it ended in a blowout, but it started out pretty tough. I had been watching Duke throughout the year during some of their televised games.

Were you paying attention to Mason Plumlee or more watching the whole team?

I was watching the whole team, especially where guys were catching the ball, how much work their big guys did with the ball.

When you play in college, do you want to be the focal point of the offense or do you prefer to play by being involved all over the court?

Whatever it takes to help the team win, you have to keep the momentum going as a team, that's what matters.

Are you taking any visits during the summer or fall?

Right now, I'm not sure.

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