Top100: Grayson Allen Interview

He's the first committed player from the class of 2014 for the Blue Devils, and he's finally healthy as well. So how are things progressing for Grayson Allen? We sat down with him at the NBA Top 100 Camp to find out.

How are you liking the camp, Grayson?

Grayson Allen: It's really great, it's 24/7 basketball, and everything is structured. Being here with all the other top guys, it's been fun.

How does the AAU experience change for you now that you are committed?

It definitely does change it. It's different now because you have a lot more Duke fans recognize you wherever you go. Like I've noticed at every single EYBL event that there's Duke fans there with their T-shirts on or their Duke hoodie or hat. It's definitely a relief now that I know that I'm going to Duke.

What does it mean to you to have that kind of support from the Duke fans?

It definitely means a lot because I know how much Duke fans care about their team. With Duke fans are everywhere, it's really cool seeing their support.

Have you interacted with any of the Duke fans you've noticed?

Yeah, a couple of them have come up and said hello and asked for an autograph.

When you think about the reality that you are going to be a Duke guard, what does that mean to you?

It's great, pretty amazing, hopefully I'll be with the names of their top guys in a few years.

Have you been reaching out to any of the guys in EYBL that Duke is recruiting?

Yeah, I've started building friendships with some of the guys. With this being my first year on the EYBL, I didn't really know many guys, but now I'm starting to build friendships with them, which is cool. Hopefully i can get in their ear a little bit about coming to Duke.

Like who?

I've introduced myself to Tyus and Jahlil because my team played against their teams. Kevon Looney, I've talked with him this weekend since he's in my room at camp. I've also talked with Elijah Thomas, he's a 2015 guy they are recruiting, and I've talked with him before as well.

What's it been like hanging out with Kevon Looney?

He's definitely not the snorer but we're not in the same room, we're like in the same dorm area. I've learned a little bit about him, and he's a really great person and a great player. We played against his team here in the first game and I can definitely see why Duke's recruiting him. In just the short amount of time i've spent with the guy you can see just how great a person he is, and I've enjoyed getting to know him a bit.

Have the coaches given you anything to work on this summer as a player?

You know, one of the biggest things is working on my defensive abilities, especially being able to put defensive pressure on the ball. They've also told me to keep being aggressive on the offensive end of the court, don't have too much of a passive mentality but more aggressive, attacking the rim.

Have they talked about the role you'll come into at Duke?

They haven't mentioned any of that. I think my freshman year there will be opportunity for me to play earlier but obviously I'll have to work for that, so we'll see what happens.

How's the interaction been with the coaching staff since the commitment?

We talk frequently, and I stay in contact with them through text messages and we talk a lot with Coach K or Coach Wojo or Coach Capel maybe every other week.

What's one thing they've said that stood out?

Yeah, with Coach Capel, we actually had my high school summer league start up recently and we were able to dunk during warmups, so somebody put up on Youtube some video of me dunking and he saw me going between my legs and he said, "That's light work young fella, you gotta get up a little more than that." Stuff like that, it's fun to joke around with him.

How's the relationship changed with Coach K now that you are committed?

It's a little different, because he's not all business. When he's calling, he's calling to check up on me, I can tell that he really cares about me as a person.

You mentioned earlier about feeling the love from Duke fans-are you experiencing the opposite of that from other fanbases?

Oh yeah, I get crazy twitter messages from crazy UNC fans sometimes or other teams fanbases. Some who wish me harm, but I just let it go, and I don't get caught up in it.

Are you planning on taking any visits soon to Duke?

I think possibly like right when the season first starts we might try.

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