Duke has contacted '15 combo guard

With recruits from the class of 2015 able to field unlimited calls and contact from coaches, the recruiting board for Duke is beginning to fill out. One player who has been in touch with the Blue Devil coaching staff is Michigan combo guard Eric Davis. TDD spoke with the four-star prospect about the early contact, and much more.

It sounds like your phone has been pretty active since the 15th hit…

Eric Davis: Yeah, it's been going really good. I've been getting a lot of calls from coaches, just really talking to me about their programs and how much interest they have in me and how they haven't forgotten about me because they've been trying to wrap up their 2013 and 2014 classes, and telling me they'll be watching me at Peach Jam and how excited they were to call me directly.

How have you reacted to the phone calls since there's been so many?

It's been very exciting, not too many kids my age get calls from top schools like Ohio State, Michigan State, head coaches calling you, it's just really great.

On the court, do you consider yourself more of a point guard or a scoring guard?

I would consider myself more a point guard because I enjoy setting people up, but I can also be a scoring point guard who can take over the game and make the game easier for my teammates.

Growing up in Michigan, did you root for Michigan or Michigan State?

I actually really rooted for both mainly because, back then, I wasn't a big-time basketball player. At that time, I was more into football. I was around eight or nine years old when I started playing both sports, and then in 7th grade year I got more into basketball and stopped playing football.

Who is helping you through the recruiting process?

It's just me, my mom, my mentor, my godfather and sometimes my high school coach.

Take me back to June 15th-did the first phone call come in right at 12:01?

I got a text message from Illinois Coach John Groce, he was very excited about being able to call me, then in the morning is when I got my calls. I heard from Vanderbilt, Stanford, Oregon, NC State, Illinois, Iowa, Iowa State, Providence, Michigan State, and Michigan. Then, the next day, Ohio State, oh wait, Kansas called the first day, Oklahoma State, that's it so far.

You must have a strong academic profile right now-those are some big-time academic programs that have reached out to you…

Yes sir, I'm at a 3.1 GPA right now.

The schools that called you on the first morning, were any of those schools new programs coming into your recruitment?

Yes, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Stanford and Vanderbilt was the first time. They had watched me during the Spring and oh yeah, Missouri also called me the first day as well.

Did anybody put a new offer on the table that you didn't have before on the first morning?

Yes, Ohio State did. Thad Matta, he called yesterday, and then he offered me last night. It was very exciting, it was unexpected, he's a great guy, I was very excited to talk with him and i was excited to hear from Ohio State, having watched Evan Turner before, I thought he was a great player.

How are things proceeding with Ohio State now?

I'm going to look at my options, I think i'm going to wait awhile until i narrow my list down until after high school next year.

Had Michigan and Michigan State been recruiting you for awhile before June 15th?

Michigan State had been recruiting me since my freshman year, and Michigan had been expressing some interest in me, but Michigan State has been expressing stronger interest since actually around my eighth grade year. They offered me my sophomore year, beginning of basketball season.

There was a Twitter report about Duke expressing interest in you, was that accurate?

Coach Capel had called, and they've been on me too. He said that Coach K is at a USA Basketball thing right now but once he gets done, Coach Capel said Coach K will be giving me a call.

What did you and Coach Capel discuss?

He was telling me just how much interest he really has in me, he really likes me and is looking forward to seeing me at Peach Jam, and then in September he said he's going to come to open gyms to see me again. He can't wait to see me he said.

Was that your first time interacting with Coach Capel?

Actually no, that was my third time. I had talked with him earlier before. The first time we talked was in the spring period, I called him and he called my high school coach and wanted me to give him a call.

What did Coach Capel say about your game?

He said that he really likes that I'm a good leader and he liked how I get guys involved and also score the ball. He also said that I make the players around me better than what they are.

How did you react when Coach Capel indicated that he's hoping that Coach K might be getting in contact with you?

I was very excited, Coach K has a past of great players and he's also one of the best coaches to ever coach basketball, to get a call from him is very exciting, I'm very much looking forward to talking with him.

Where do you think Duke is in your "priority order" of schools at this point?

Right now I don't have an order, because it's so early. I think all the schools are the same place, and I have no favorites. So far, I haven't really looked yet where I want to play.

With the earlier offers you've received-do those schools have an advantage in your recruitment?

To be honest, somewhat in some instances, but then again I have to look at schools who haven't heard of me, but the schools who have offered me may have a slight advantage. At the end of the day, i'm going to look at all the schools who offer me.

What were your thoughts overall on the Duke program before they started expressing interest in you?

Oh, I thought they were awesome. Over the years Coach K has changed his style of play, and guys play and work through the offense to get good shots and just be able to run off ball screens and get good shots and make plays, it was good.

Sounds like you've watched Duke for awhile.

Yeah, I started watching them when Gerald Henderson was playing. I remember when Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough were playing against them, and that's when i started getting into watching both of those schools. I meant to tell you, North Carolina is on me too, they called my high school coach and are supposed to call me, they are on me a little bit.

What's your thoughts on the Carolina program?

They have the same style of play every year, up and down, a lot of ball screens, he lets his guys play and have fun. I like North Carolina, they get up and down.

What's going to be the big factors for you in determining if a school is a good fit for you?

Really it depends on what position are they recruiting me for. I can score very well, but clearly I'm undersized for the scoring guard position. A lot of schools are recruiting me at that position, but I play the point for my high school and AAU teams, so are schools recruiting me as a 1 or a 2 is something I'm looking at.

I also look at who they are recruiting before me. Am I going to have to come in and be the man? I'm also looking at their academics especially if they have my major, which right now I'm really interested in criminal justice. I want to become a lawyer, a defense attorney someday. Stanford and Vanderbilt both have good criminal justice programs.

How big a deal is distance in your consideration of schools?

I was kinda looking forward to going to school out of state, but I have to see where my head is and what I'm thinking when I get ready to decide. Right now I'm leaning towards going out of state for school.

Are you planning any visits during the summer?

Ohio State. I'll be going there in August, and Illinois…I'm supposed to be visiting them at the end of this month, but we still have to setup an official date. I want to visit Kentucky, Kansas, Syracuse and Florida. Kentucky had texted my high school coach, but I haven't heard from Syracuse or Florida yet. I had interest in them before. Syracuse is a guard oriented school and he likes big guards and Florida has a great history of past guards and he lets them play and Florida is just a great place to be. With Kentucky, he's had big guards before, like John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, they really get up and down, and he has a past history with the NBA, which for me is the ultimate goal, is making it to the NBA.

Is your goal to be one and done?

Hopefully, yes. My dream is to be one and done, however, if I have to stay four years in college, then I will. At the end of the day I will do what it takes to get to the NBA. If it takes me one year or eight years, I'll do it.

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