Boone Ready To Lead Duke

Starting QB Anthony Boone met the media today at the ACC's media day.

When asked to describe himself and what he brings to the table, QB Anthony Boone described himself as interactive and energetic.

"Coach Cut likes to say I swagger, I like to say swagger," Boone said. "I'll be very energetic. I'll be ready to pump up the crowd and get my team into it."

He said he is a more aggressive passer than previous QB Sean Renfree and will look for deep throws more often. Boone said the new receivers have put in the work this offseason to help replace the guys who graduated.

"Those guys are willing to work," he said. "Wide receivers are all, in a sense, cocky and want to get their shine. These guys are all ready to show out and show their talents."

He went on to talk about Anthony Nash, a freshman receiver who can fly.

"He's got speed that some guys in the ACC can't keep up with," Boone said.

He said Max McCaffrey is similar to Conner Vernon. Like Vernon, McCaffrey is not blazing fast or super quick, but he gets open and has great hands.

Duke will also have a size advantage in the slot. Isaac Blakeney is a 6'6" 235 lb. slot receiver who isn't afraid to go over the middle.

"We actually call him Freak," Boone said. "Anybody around him is going to have a hard time dealing with this big powerful guy who's also very fast."

All of these new guys will be led by Jamison Crowder.

"If you ever get a chance to watch him start and stop and change directions without missing a step, it's unbelievable," Boone said.

With excellent depth in the backfield, Boone said the team will probably run more this year. Instead of having a 70-30 ratio between passing and running, Boone said the team will aim for 60-40.

"Our running backs are very physical," he said. "They get dirty yards. They run very hard."

One theme Boone kept touching on was finishing. He mentioned finishing in individual games as well as finishing the season. Last season, the team lost five straight after becoming bowl eligible.

"A lot of us last year were not very happy with last year," he said. "We got that 6th win, we knew we hit a bowl game. We beat Carolina, and we got the Bell back. It was kind of like we exhaled instead of pressing forward. This offseason has made us a lot more hungry."

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