NCG: One on one with Tyus Jones

After competing in the 2013 Nike Global Challenge, the nation's top point guard, Tyus Jones, sat down with TDD to provide an update on his status, his game, his recruiting, and much more.

You had a nasty fall in the last game, how are you holding up?

Tyus Jones: Yeah-it was a pretty tough fall, but it happens. It's been a great event to be a part of though. There's top talent here from all around the country, and we are all striving to represent our country and to win the event. It's great to be a part of it.

I know a lot of people are interested in where you and Jahlil want to go play in college, but what I wanted to ask you was a little different. Do either you or Jahlil feel like you need to know what school you want to go to and then see how the other person feels about joining the other in committing to that school?

I think it will be mutual because you don't want to drag the other person, whether it be myself or Jahlil to a school where they aren't totally comfortable.  It has to be mutual so we are looking for similarities and a lot of the ways we look at things is similar, so it will be mutual.

Are you guys going to sit down together with your families once it's time to evaluate the decision?

Yeah absolutely, we'll sit down with our families, together. I have a great support system around me, so I'll sit down with them and talk it over with them.

Jahlil recently said that it's 90% likely you two will play together in college which seems a little less than certain than what you guys said before, where do you think it stands?

In the 90s for sure. In the 90s is still a very high, high possibility. Nothing is for certain, and that's why he's saying in the 90s, and that's why I'm saying it's in the 90s. That's just what it is still.

What prompted the change? Earlier in the process you both were emphatic that it was "100% for sure" and "that we are playing together"...

I think it's about the same, really. Just from talking with reporters I've said it's 99% a couple times, or maybe in the 90s. I don't think [the percentages] are all that big of a deal.

Justise Winslow got the Kentucky offer today, did you guys know that was coming?

We talked with Coach Calipari. He started recruiting Justise right after Peach Jam, so we kinda had a sense it was coming.

How does that affect you and Jahlil?

It's just another school that we have in common now, but I don't really know if he's looking into it a lot. If he's not, we'll just have to wait and see.

Are you guys considering visiting Kentucky for their Midnight Madness?

We're thinking about it, and we haven't set any other visits yet for any other schools yet.

Did the DeAngelo Russell committment to Ohio State affect their recruitment of you?

Yeah, they backed off. Right now, no other schools have backed off though.

Do you feel its important for you to have more visits, either in-home or on campus outside of the Baylor visit?

I'll be taking more officials outside of the Baylor official visit. I'll be trying to take all of my official visits. We don't know yet where the other ones are going to be yet, we are just taking them one at a time.

What's the big unanswered questions for you?

Really it's just trying to get a better overall feel for things.

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