NGC: One on one with Elijah Thomas

He's one of the most heavily recruited big men in the class of 2015, and his recruitment has all the high majors involved. So what's the latest with Texas prospect Elijah Thomas? TDD sat down with him at the Nike Global Challenge for the latest.

How's the summer been going for you so far, Elijah?

Elijah Thomas: It's going pretty steady. I did get out of shape before I transferred, so I've just been working on getting in shape since that happened.

Did I hear you say correctly since the transfer? Can you elaborate?

Yeah since the transfer to Prime Prep.

You took a lot of pride in your weight loss over the past year, how hard is it to keep up with that in terms of the summer travel grind?

It's not hard at all because all you have is basketball. You don't have classes to deal with during the summer. But, injuries are what is a big thing, so you just have to strengthen your calves and other things.

Have you been battling injuries this summer?

Just growth tendinitis, really. The doctors say I may have three more inches left to grow.

What are they projecting you to grow to?

You know, I feel like the projections only mean so much.  I had a lot of growth and that's why my knees and everything were hurting me. I just have to get back in the gym and get stronger.

What's your current height and weight?

Right now I'm 6-foot-9 and I weigh 245 pounds. But, like I said, I gotta lose 12 pounds to get back to my regular playing weight.

Obviously the recent news with Prime Prep was big, how did that affect you personally?

Well, Jordan's my family member so when I heard the news I called him right away because I don't ever want anything bad happening to my family members. That's pretty much it. I can't really speak to it right now.

I've read you say that you really enjoy the recruiting process, what is it that you really enjoy about it?

It's just a blessing, and not everybody gets this opportunity. To get this opportunity to be called and texted by college coaches, it's a blessing.

Since June 15th, who has been the coaches who have been contacting you the most?

I can't really speak on that right now, but I do talk to all of them often. My mom and sometimes my coach talks with them to. Right now, I don't talk with them all the time because I'm in the gym a lot. My main focus is just trying to get my body back to where it needs to be.

Which coaches have you developed a strong relationship with already?

Really, with my focus on the gym I can't speak to that. It's all about the same.

Any new offers in the last month or so?

No, well, I played really well in the first three sessions, so all the offers from the big-time schools came then. When they called on June 15th, they were just calling to check in.

Are there any offers you are hoping to receive that you haven't yet?

No, because everyone did before. Now it's just about working hard and seeing what you want to do.

You had said back at the Hampton Nike EYBL event at the end of April that a Duke offer had not occurred at that point, can you confirm if a Duke offer has been presented since then?

Well, I mean, I've got it, but to be honest with you, I'm not even supposed to be telling people that. I don't really... I'm not like everybody else who wants to have the whole offer list out there. To be honest with you, you only pick one school at the end of the day, so it really doesn't matter.

What do you mean by, "you got it"?

Meaning that if they did offer, I'm not even going to tell anyone because it doesn't really matter in my opinion. I don't like everyone giving me attention just because a school offers me. At the end of the day you only pick one school, so to me it doesn't matter.

Do you have any visits lined up in the near future?

Right now I don't have any visits planned. I'm just going to wait and see what happens because I pretty much don't know how the recruiting process will go.

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