One on one with Carlton Bragg

Five star power forward Carlton Bragg has landed several offers as he enters his junior season, and is courting high major interest from across the country. Duke is one of the programs who has maintained contact with the Ohio standout, and he spoke about that and more with TDD.

How has the summer progressed for you in general?

Carlton Bragg: It's been great so far, I have a lot more offers now than I did before. It's going real well, just trying to get through it. I have progressed a lot as a player from where I was before. It feels great when you hear other people recognize you for how hard you play, but I'm not going to let it go to my head, I'm just going to keep working hard.

Who were some of the new offers?

UCLA, Indiana, Texas and I think Michigan State too. It feels good how hard I've been working, I'm just looking for more schools.

What's your current height and weight?

I'm 6-foot-9 and 211 pounds right now.

Did you find yourself playing more of the 3 or the 4 this summer at the camps and with your AAU team?

?Really I'm playing more of the 4 and the 5, just because that's my role with my size. That will change this school year, I'm going to try and play the 3. I want to be a 3, a wing in college. The ball-handling is coming along real well.

Were you paying close attention this summer to which colleges were on the sidelines at your games?

Not really, but sometimes it got a little frustrating sometimes when I wasn't playing real well because you really want to play hard and well in front of them. It was really fun though.

Which schools did you see on the sidelines at your games that excited you the most?

North Carolina, Kentucky and Duke and Indiana for sure. I saw some assistants and some head coaches.

What makes those three schools so exciting to you that they were watching you play?

Kentucky, with the all the NBA prospects they've had, I'm trying to be an NBA Player some day, so it felt good to see them. Duke, with Mason Plumlee, he's my favorite player along with Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo from Indian, and with North Carolina, I know Jordan went to North Carolina, so that's good.

What makes Mason Plumlee, Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo your favorite players?

They all progressed for sure as players. It's amazing how Victor Oladipo brings so much energy to the team, and Cody Zeller, he's 7 feet, he runs the floor, does what you want and Mason Plumlee, oh my God, he's strong, athletic, I just really love his game. It was great seeing where they all ended up in the Draft, they all went to places that are good fits for them and all their hard work paid off.

Does having guys who you consider your favorite players on the roster mean those programs have a leg up?

No, I just like those particular players. They are really good schools but I'm just open right now, I don't have any favorite schools right now.

Has there been any schools you have been talking with more than the other schools recruiting you?

No, not really, they are all the same right now. They want to get to know me better as a player and as a person.

Which head coaches are you talking with?

I've talked with Coach Groce from Illinois before and I've talked with Indiana's Head Coach, Tom Crean before, and the Texas Head Coach, I've talked with a lot of people, can't remember all of them.

Which places are you trying to visit soon?

Yeah, I'm planning on visiting Kentucky and Indiana, I'm just trying to visit as many as I can really. We don't have dates lined up right now. Kentucky wants me to come down for a visit and Michigan wants me to come down, they might offer me if I visit, but they want to talk with me some more.

Is there a school or program you feel it's really important to visit in the coming months?

I'm not sure. My mentor is handling that.

Are you planning on releasing a list?

At the end of my junior year I want to put out a Top 25 and then a Top 10 maybe around my senior year.

Are there any schools that if they offered you would be a game-changer in your recruitment?

Kind of, but it's more motivation for me if I have the Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke offers. I'm still working hard, but it'd be amazing if they offered me because I never thought I'd be a prospect for any of those schools.

Are you hoping to get offers from all three before you feel like you can move forward with your recruiting process?

Yeah, before my senior year I really hope so, but only if I work hard enough.

If an offer comes from all 3 schools (Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke), would any of those 3 be the favorite for you?

I would say Kentucky, just because of how he's progressed so many NBA prospects.

How have you felt about the conversations so far with the Kentucky coaching staff?

They've been just getting to know me better, they've come to my games, watching me play.

How about with the Duke and North Carolina coaching staffs?

Basically the same, but the Duke staff has been watching me play and telling me how much they like my game, stuff like that.

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