Is Exum an option for Duke?

One of the more interesting potential prospects in the class of 2014 is Australian international Dante Exum. The 6-foot-6, 185 pound combo guard has been projected as a mid-season addition to the college game, but also eligible for the 2014 NBA Draft. Duke has been mentioned with Exum in the past, and TDD had a chance to sit down with the five star prospect for an update.

Does the way your game has progressed surprise you at all?

Dante Exum: I always dreamt I would have the opportunities that have been presented to me today. It is always a great thing knowing what your doing in the gym, and at practice is paying off.?

How did you get your start in the game?

My Dad played professionally in Australia and started coaching when i was young. So, I was around basketball and started to play seriously around age five or six when I could attend camps he ran.?

You've had the opportunity to represent your country in various events…what's that experience been like?

?Its an honor being able to put on a jersey that has Australia on it, and knowing everyone back home is supporting you. ?

How do you balance having family in both the US and Australia?

?Well I haven't been able to see my family in the US as much as I want to but they are always there to support me. My grandma and aunt flew cross country to support my in Oregon at the Nike Hoop Summit, and just knowing you have that kind of support is comforting. My Parents are helping throughout the whole process in deciding and support my decisions while also guiding me in the right direction. ?

Speaking of that process, how has your recruitment picked up?

?The recruiting process for me has really picked up after the U19 World Championships.

And which schools are picking up the interest?

I speak to most schools many times during the week. Kentucky, Indiana, UNC, Oregon. have been talking to me on a regular basis. ?

Who has offered you at this point?

Kentucky, UNC, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon and more have given me firm offers. I really like all the schools who are talking to me, which is why this is such a hard decision making process.?

Previously, Duke was mentioned as being involved with you. Is that still the case?

I received some interest from Duke, and I would like to evaluate and learn more about the school more based on what I've heard about them. Right now everyone is an options for me.?

In addition to colleges, you are being discussed as a possible early entrant into the NBA Draft. How does that weigh into your decision making process?

Really, it will come down to my deciding if I think I am ready for that level or not. I will rely on help from my parents and coaches. Both going pro or going to college are great options, but I think it comes down to me being ready, and feeling that I'm ready. Right now, I don't know and neither one is standing out for me.

Recently, you were quoting as saying the decision is around 50/50 in terms of college versus pro. However, you had previously stated it was 90 percent that you were going to college. What prompted that change?

Well, it's because it's such a big decision to make. I want to evaluate it all from every angle and to make the best choice for me. It is important to consider that I am highly ranked in the draft, and I am getting a lot of opinions from people who I want to listen when they say what I should do. Right now I hear people on both sides for going and not going pro. It is great hearing from the various big names I've heard from, and hearing that they think I am ready, but in the end it's going to come down to how I fell about it all.

?Do you have a target date on when you'll make a decision on whether or not to go to college or straight to the processional ranks? If so, how will you do it?

Not really, no. I don't know when it'll come, but I will probably just announce it on Twitter when I decide on that part.

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