Cutcliffe Tuesday Quotes

Duke head coach spoke with the media on Tuesday afternoon

On Pitt
"They've got a quarterback with a big-time arm, big-time accuracy. A really, really talented football player. Devin Street may be the best receiver in the league, maybe not – who knows? I'll tell you what he is, he's a great one. That young freshman [Tyler] Boyd is doing great things. And certainly their two interior people defensively are difficult to deal with. Just like you'd think a Pitt team would be – physical."

"Pittsburgh is just good, solid, old-fashioned football in a football area, a football state. Obviously a former BIG EAST team where they play good basketball and all. But Pitt is Pitt. If you know anything about Ditka, Dorsett and Mark May, if you know anything about Pitt, you understand football. I like the brand that they bring in western PA. Deep, deep traditional football."

"It doesn't surprise me that a Paul Chryst football team plays really hard, really physical and they will play 60 minutes. So this sets up to be a really, really good ACC football matchup this Saturday."

On Perry Simmons
"He played his 3,000th snap. Think about that for a second – 3,000-plus snaps as a college football player. The offensive lineman is the guy that has no official statistics other than playing 3,000 snaps. That is an amazing stat, an accomplishment beyond a lot of what we teach stats about with field players. Perry is very deserving of that, an extremely unselfish young man. I'm very proud of him. Perry's done that while majoring in engineering at Duke University. That's pretty cool."

On Brandon Connette
"He would like to execute better, particularly on third downs. The second half got tough when you get behind. The one that carries the statistics is always the quarterback. It certainly is far from being, ‘Well, Brandon didn't produce.' I'll line up with Brandon Connette anytime because of who he is and how he's going to respond to adversity and everything about him. His teammates know that too. There's no suffering in confidence in that regard. He'll get better every snap is what he will do. What I don't want him to do is feel disappointed."

On Dave Harding
"I want to congratulate Dave Harding on a well-earned AFCA Good Works team announcement. I don't know anyone period, anywhere, in any era of college football who deserves that type of award more than Dave Harding."

On Jeremy Cash
"He's playing really well. We put him in that Georgia Tech game and he really played linebacker. He's versatile, he's aggressive, he's playing hard. He's got a lot to learn and probably he's realizing that the more and more he plays. It's been a while since he was a starter. So the angles and the speed – there's a lot of things that you learn as it goes. You put yourself out there and you're going to make mistakes. But I like that Jeremy comes right back roaring as fast as he can."

On Duke's performance vs. Georgia Tech
"When you see tape, you see that it wasn't one individual and any one thing. It was a lot of things. And I use the term, ‘It doesn't catch up with you until it catches up with you.' Sometimes you don't even see it coming. So you take your skills and you go back and work like crazy; every little skill. We can't work harder but you always can work better. We really have a great emphasis on that and our staff and our players took it upon themselves that whatever little thing it was, to work better. Our execution is the thing I guess I was most disappointed in. We're putting a premium on having to execute on both sides of the ball and in the kicking game."

"We're a 2-1 football team that knows how to work. We are what we are. I'm extremely pleased with our process."

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