Zach Muniz reflects on Duke's recruitment

As one of the later commitments from the class of 2014, St. Louis (MO) prospect Zach Muniz is somewhat of an unknown to Duke fans. TDD sat down with Muniz to discuss recruiting, what he brings to the program, and much more.

At 6-foot-0 and 165 pounds, Zach Muniz has the measureables to becomes a very good cornerback in the ACC. He's already built a name for himself as a hard hitting defender for Christian Brothers College High in St. Louis, and now he's looking forward to bringing that style to Durham next season.

"I play cornerback, slot receiver, and I play a little bit of punt returner as well," said Muniz. "At Duke the coaches are projected me to play corner, but I could also see some time at nickelback or safety in different packages."

Muniz committed to Duke in early August over a number of offers. He turned down Ball State, Cincinnati, Northern Illinois, Toledo, Bowling Green, New Mexico, Arkansas State, and Miami of Ohio by making the commitment to the Blue Devils.

So what is Duke getting from this highly recruited prospect?

"I think that my biggest strengths at corner are my knowledge for the game, my height and length, my change in direction speed, my fluid hips, and my competitiveness. I think that all of those skills will transfer to the next level but I think that my knowledge for the game and my technique will help me out a lot on the next level."

On the flip side, however, Muniz knows he has to continue to improve as his high school career ends up and he prepares to head to Duke next summer. There are some specific areas where he's working to accomplish those goals while helping CBC along this year.

"I just want to improve on getting more interceptions this season and also helping my teammates improve every week to get them to play to their full potential."

Muniz adds that he's learned a lot about leadership as he's began his senior season.

"After finishing my last high school training camp I have learned to be more of a leader for my team because I am a senior now and a captain. When I go to Duke I will just have to take those leadership skills with me but also need to learn how to follow in the steps and path of the DBs who came before me."

Circling back to the recruiting process, Muniz says his August 9th decision remains solid, and he doesn't anticipate doing much more than taking his officials to Duke, though he is in constant contact with the coaches.

"I talk to the coaching staff at least once every week on Sundays but sometimes more. I talk to Coach Cut, Coach Jones, Coach G, and Coach Knowles."

"Coach Cut doesn't like to have recruits take their officials during the football season so he said that I will take mine after the football time during a basketball game or something like that."

At that time, it's likely the Blue Devil coaching staff will reenforce the message from Muniz's entire recruitment.

"Coach Cut and the entire coaching staff are very clear and certain with the type of players that they want in their program. They said they look for very high character guys, they look for leaders, guys they would want their daughter to be dating, guys who have their priorities straight, and just things like that. They said for me personally, aside from my football skills that when I came up on my visit that I just carried myself very respectfully and just basically everything they were looking for."

And Duke was what Muniz was ultimately looking for. Of course, being highly recruited during the process allowed for some once in a lifetime memories.

"With the recruiting process behind me I guess I would say that my favorite part about it was just the attention and just doing everything that I dreamed about as a little kid. But what drove me to Duke so hard was just I fell in love with the campus, the coaches, the program, the academics, the players and just everything was just perfect for me in all aspects."

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