In-Home Visit Recap with Myles Turner

With his recruiting in full swing, Texas big man Myles Turner is adjusting his schedule in order to accomodate new events and visits. TDD was able to get an inside look at the latest developments by speaking with Turner's father on Tuesday.

It seems like you guys have been busy with visits over the past few weeks. Can you recap the experience?

David Turner: It's been very humbling. It started last week when we had a visit at the school in the morning. SMU came by and met with us. Then at the house on Wednesday we had Texas and then Kentucky. Let's see, Thursday we had Duke and tomorrow we have Arizona and Kansas. And Thursday morning we'll have Texas A&M as well.

What kind of questions were you and the family posing to the various coaches?

Really, We didn't have any questions for them. It was actually them telling us about their programs, their style of play, the kind of system they have and how they envision using Myles in their system. They all had similar plans, and they don't have Myles playing the Roy Hibbert type role...a back to the basket center type, they all have Myles playing the stretch four position. Coach K said he'd even have Myles playing the three sometimes, which I thought was interesting.

Can you elaborate on that pitch from Coach K?

Yeah, he said he sees Myles being able to play the three, four, and five roles at the next level. He loves how he's able to run the floor as well. I think Myles would have to do a lot of work on his ball-handling to play the true three role, but he feels that if Myles can guard the position, then he can play the position.

In the grand scheme of things, where do the in-home visits rank in the decision making process in terms of importance?

Well, the in-homes are nice so we can see what's going on, but we really won't know much until we actually got to the campuses and visit them and see what that life is like. The in-homes are great because you get to know the coaches and see their personalities, which is really great. Like when Coach K walked in with the assistants, it was great seeing the whole staff and to see how he presented himself.

Was there anything said by any of the coaches that really caught your attention?

Not so much, we're not leaning towards anybody in particular at this point. It was good to hear what they had to say. The coolest thing that happened was Myles was invited to play in the USA Basketball Developmental League that's coming up on October 5th.

That's a nice devlopment, isn't it?

Yeah, that's how we felt too, we had to cancel the trip to Kansas that was scheduled for the 5th because we definitely wanted to participate in the camp and we talked with the coach and he understood. We're definitely going to be heading out there for the USA Basketball deal, it'll be nice.

Does that mean the Kansas visit will for sure be rescheduled?

Yes, that's correct. It would have been too much to try and do both the same weekend, it would have been great to be there at Kansas though, we've heard that their Midnight Madness event can be really crazy. We really want to see the school, and we know it's going to be a great time, they do a phenomenal job up there and we know we'll have a good time there when we get out there.

How did the Kansas staff react when you let them know about the USA Basketball Camp and having to reschedule the official visit?

They were very proud of him and very excited for him, so that was great to hear.

How does moving the Kansas visit affect the timing of other campus visits you have planned or might have been planning?

It doesn't affect it at all because we hadn't actually planned any other visits yet, it's still up in the air with everything. I recently told Myles to not worry about any of that stuff, I just told him to focus on school and the season coming up and to enjoy it as well as to keep working on his game.

Somebody had said recently it's important for kids to keep running downhill and getting better and that's what I want Myles to do, just to keep getting in the gym, in the weight room, keep working on his game.

During the in-homes or at the school visits recently, did any other staffs offer potential dates for Myles to try and visit, or was it more just building the relationship?

They all indicated they wanted to get Myles on campus and schedule a visit, we just don't have a date yet. His season starts in November and he has school going on now, so he has a lot on his plate, but we're going to get it done and take a weekend where we can sneak away and devote the time to seeing what the schools have to offer, we don't want to just go there real quick, we want to go there, take our time and take in everything they have to offer.

Does the high school season potentially impact the timing of scheduling visits including if his team goes far in the state playoffs?

No, not really, we'll work around everything, we're planning on going to Austin for the state playoffs this year and Myles is dedicating himself to helping his team do that. Last year we made it to the first round and then ran into a buzzsaw in Ebron High School, they went very deep into the playoffs. This year the team is more focused and they understand what we have to work with and I think we're going to be going pretty far.

From a parent perspective, how different does it feel seeing your son go through this process this year with the way his game and his recruitment has grown so much in the past year?

Yeah, it's very time consuming and that's why we backed Myles off from everybody so he can focus on what he needs to focus on and that's why my wife and I are taking the brunt of everything. It's very taxing at times, but we really enjoy it and everybody has been respectful and it's going very well, we're enjoying the process.

One of the things you hear with Coach Calipari is the unique presentation to parents and players he's recruiting. Now that you have experienced it, how would you classify his approach towards Myles?

I can see why Coach Cal is very successful, he gave a great pitch and they are very good at it. They are one of the schools that Myles really likes. Coach Cal has a very unique approach and I see why they are winners. We are looking at them very hard and considering them very seriously. We want to get out there and visit the campus just like we want to, we have five visits we can take, so there's probably some schools that are close that we can visit unofficially. The in-home visits made it hard, because they are all so special, so we're going to visit these schools and make a good decision.

Part of any high major recruitment is rampant speculation. For instance, which school is leading for a player; who that player 'fits' with; and similar. How do you react to those kinds of things when Myles is the subject?

It is what it is. We know Myles can play with anybody, and he's proven that year after year, and over the summer he showed he'll play any role that's needed. If you need him to block shots he can do that, if you need him to score down low he can do that, if you need him to come off the bench he'll do that. He's very unselfish and he embraces the game for what it is and he just wants to win. So if he gets to play with whoever is #1 or #2 or #8 or #11 or whoever, he can do that, he just wants to win and he can play with anybody as long as they are committed to winning, he can roll with them.

One of the latest mentions on Twitter was the position of Kansas with Myles, Jahlil Okafor, and Cliff Alexander...

If that happened it'd be great. I mean what coach wouldn't want a lineup like that? I mean Jahlil and Myles! I hadn't actually heard that until you shared it just now but I'm salivating over that, I mean, give me a point guard and let's go.

Speaking of point guards, With SMU getting a commitment from Emmanuel Mudiay recently there's speculation that it improves their chances with Myles. Accurate?

Well, SMU is in our back yard, Larry Brown is a Hall of fame coach and he's a great guy and they have started talking to us again. They are a great program and we are talking with them again. Emmanuel is a great kid who made the best choice for him and I'm proud of him not just for his decision but also because he's a great young man. I've gotten to know him over the past couple of years and he's going play great with whoever he plays with. He's a great point guard, what big wouldn't want to play with a great point guard like him ? We're going to make the decision that's best for Myles, but it makes it really hard because all these schools are great options.

As a parent—how big a deal is it for you and your wife to have Myles consider staying closer to home?

Of course the selfish part for any parent wants your child to stay closer so you can go attend every game, but realistically he has to go where he can be developed the best to fulfill his ultimate dream of going to the NBA and who can help him fulfill that dream of majoring in Counseling Psychology. We're going to support him whether he decides to stay close to home or to go farther away from home.

Coming back to the Duke in-home, can you share your opinions of their pitch?

Coach K, man, Coach K is incredible. He talked about his affiliation with Duke and how long he's been there and how he plans to be there for quite awhile and the fact that his program is top notch. He mentioned ex-players and I know he actually coaches USA Basketball too, so he has that affiliation with all those NBA guys as well. The University itself was presented very well and he presented himself very well too. He told us how old he was and he looks incredible, he looks like he could get out there and play if he wanted to. He presented himself and his program very well and they are a great program that is definitely one of our choices, we're definitely going to have to look at them very hard.

From a relationship perspective, where do you think you guys are with Coach K?

We have a great relationship with him, the fact that he envisions Myles all over the court piqued my interest because, of course, he's my son and I want to see him playing everything but the point guard, but the fact that Coach K sees the same thing was great as I really respect his vision very much.

Moving forward, after the in-home visits with Arizona and Kansas, what are the next steps?

Then we have A&M in the morning on Thursday at school, after that we do have a visit lined up to a school, but I'm forgetting which one it is, my wife set something up with one of the schools, but I'm not sure which one it is, so I have to check and see which campus it is, because I don't know what it is.

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