One on one with Quinn Cook

With a new style of play that minimizes the distinction between positions, Duke looks to be exciting this coming season. However, the key ingredient is the one defined and most important position on the floor: the point guard. We spoke with starter Quinn Cook about his increased role and more.

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It's your third year at Duke, can you recap what the road has been like so far?

Quinn Cook: Really, it's just been an experience. Always being on a good team, and then being great teams.

How does that translate going forward?

I bring back those experiences, and I can be a leader for this.

Did you focus on anything during the off-season training and workouts?

Just being in good shape, and putting good weight on. I feel that I really did both. I am just ready to get up for that new tempo.

What are your practice impressions?

It went real good, I think. The guys are competing, and all the guys are working their butts off, it's been fun.

Coach K mentioned that with the new style, each player has their own adjustment to make to the new style, how does that impact you?

It's easy for me, really. I just really have to be a point guard. If one of the other guys gets the rebound, I can lead out or I can knock down shots. I feel opponents will have to respect me and that will get other guys more freedom, it's going to be hard for teams to guard us.

Your game got some attention last year with the improvement from year one to year two. Do you look forward to the same kind of attention with even more progression?

Not really. I don't want any attention. Really, I don't want any. That's my personality, I'm just a low key guy. 

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