One on one with Reid Travis

After visiting Duke and planning a trip to Stanford, Minnesota big man Reid Travis can see the finish line in his recruitment. He spoke about that and a lot more with TDD on Saturday.

It sounds like the big guys were going at each other hard this morning, can you recap it for us?

Reid Travis: They were going at it, for sure. I was impressed, but when you get 12-15 of the top guys in the post going at it, all working hard at it, we are all trying to prove we are the best out here, it was good to see.

Was there anybody at the Camp that you were good friends coming in with, or were you more building new friendships with guys?

Not too many new ones. I know most of the guys here through camps and stuff like that, and I was pretty cool with most everybody and it was nice to them again and to see how guys had come forward out of summer, just stepping their games up to a new level.

How did it feel for you having this opportunity to come and compete at this camp? It's great knowing that I was picked. I didn't know if they wanted me to be here and to have a chance to compete for one of the slots for the Hoop Summit later on, so I'm impressed that they thought enough of my game to bring me here and I'm just excited to see how things go from here.

Let's shift gears since we don't have a lot of time. On the recruiting front, how did the recent Duke visit go for you and your family?

Oh, it was great, we really loved the whole coaching staff and we got to spend time with the players and to see the whole campus, just seeing the whole camaraderie that everybody has there. I felt at home.

What were the memorable experiences or conversations for you on the Duke visit?

I'd say it was memorable watching them play open gym, and just seeing some of the people that I might play with, and just seeing how they communicated and how there wasn't anybody selfish on the court. I just really liked seeing the bond between the team and I would say I really liked seeing them play live, right in front of me, it was great.

What kind of discussions did you have with Coach K and the staff?

They just talked about how they see me as being able to be versatile at my position, and how they give you a lot of freedom to go out and play hard nosed and stuff like that. That kinda translates into the whole culture there, and it's what Duke Basketball is. I kinda like that aspect of it that I wouldn't have to leave any of that behind, because that's kinda how I train and how I play, the way they do it.

Did Coach K discuss what your role might be early on if you went there?

Yeah, he said I'd definitely be able to contribute early on, especially with some of the guys they are losing and with how much I can do or how little, it's up in the air, but he was pretty much saying that playing time is up to me and how much work I put in.

How did you respond to that pitch? That's obviously different than if a school were to guarantee you unlimited role and minutes going in?

I understand it, honestly. Anywhere you go there will be competition and I like that, because that's what keeps my drive going…when nothing is given to me, and I have to fight and scrap for everything I get, if that's what I have to do, that's even better.

With the Stanford visit coming up soon, how much are you comparing what you saw at Duke to what you are going to see at Stanford?

I think each one is a separate situation. Of course each school has it's pros and cons so with every program you do try to compare them to each other, a little bit here and there, but at the end of the day, you just have to see each school for what it is and what they have and just accept that.

Do you have the same kind of questions going into the Stanford visit that you did for the Duke visit, or are they different?

It'd be the same with each school. I try to make sure each coach understands what my concerns are and what I'm looking for, so it's going to be the same deal and I'll try to figure out what the best fit is for me.

Is there a plan in place for progressing the recruiting process forward once you get back from Stanford?

Yeah, I definitely think there might be one, but I'm not sure.

Last question—do you think it's good for you to play alongside another talented, physical big, or is it more important you set your own course and be the main post guy wherever you go?

Oh no, that has nothing to do with it, I mean it'd be nice to be the main guy somewhere if some programs offer that to you, but even if I was coming in with other guys that are just as good as me or better than me, I just feel like at the end of the day it just makes me better, so that doesn't scare me away from anybody.

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