One on one with Myles Turner

One of the top big men in the country, Texas center Myles Turner, sits down with TDD to discuss his recruitment and his experience at Team USA Camp.

How has the Team USA Camp gone this weekend?

Myles Turner: Yeah, it's been a great camp so far, I'm really excited to be here and to be invited and to be a part of this program, it's been wonderful so far.

How have you reacted to the level of play here?

Definitely the competition here is just really great, it's a lot more physical, it's causing me to come out of my comfort zone, it's just really different.

Have you gotten to know anyone new?

No, not as much, because I was good friends with a lot of guys already who are here, so not anything new.

Who are the good friends you have there already?

Definitely Justin Jackson, Kelly Oubre, some of the Texas guys.

It sounds like there's some new visit dates that are in the works per Twitter reports on you, can you confirm if that's true?

I haven't lined up an official date for a new visit, but I know that this upcoming weekend, actually no, the weekend after that, the 18th I'm definitely going to be going somewhere, so far I'm looking at Oklahoma State, Kentucky and Duke for that date.

What's going into your consideration into deciding which school to go visit on the 18th?

Well, it's a number of things. Definitely I want to have my family there, my sister and both my parents. That's pretty much the biggest part, then I think distance plays a part, it's definitely harder to drive to let's say North Carolina, you know Oklahoma State isn't that far away, but definitely it's important I get my whole family up there with me when I go on a visit.

Is it your desire that this visit on the 18th be an official visit, or is it shaping up to be an unofficial visit to whatever school you visit then?

Yes sir, definitely an official visit.

Did all three schools happen to offer you the same visit date and that's why you are sorting through it?

With all three schools I already have official offers from them, so this would be me going in trying to see what they have to offer on campus.

Do you think any of those three schools are in the lead in your estimation to secure that visit for the 18th?

I wouldn't say that for certain, I think I've had Kentucky set the longest, that's what I've known about the longest, but when it comes to the lead, I would say not really.

Speaking of Kentucky, the recent reports was that they offered you a scholarship fairly recently, is that accurate?

Well, it's kinda hard to say that, when he came to my home visit, he kinda re-assured my offer and then I think that got out to somebody and everybody made a big deal out of it that I had an offer from Kentucky, but I had actually had an offer from them for awhile, they just kinda re-assured things during the visit.

How does the Kentucky scholarship offer affect your recruitment overall Myles?

Well it's definitely big, however, I don't put any school over the other. Kentucky is definitely a big-time school, but one school doesn't have the lead over the other.

You had an in-home visit awhile back with Duke, is that correct?

Yeah, Duke, Kentucky and Oklahoma State.

How did the Duke visit go in your estimation?

It went very well, I really got to see what kind of person Coach K was, it was very interesting to meet him in person and hear his own take on everything. It was interesting.

What made it interesting?

Definitely what kind of person he is, his personality, he showed me who he was and he showed me a slide show of the Duke history and what they would do with me. So I think it was just the fact that he was able to come in and wow me with what he had in store.

Do you feel like Duke was "behind" going into their in-home visit with you?

I wouldn't say that, no.

How much are you paying attention to what's happening with Jahlil Okafor's and Cliff Alexander's recruitments?

To a certain extent I am, I definitely think it's not going to affect my decision too much, but I'll definitely look at it a little bit. I think that me and Cliff and me and Jahlil could play together, but at the same time, I'm looking out for me as well and I have to make the best decision for me as well.

Are you still 100% for sure that you are going to sign in the April signing period?

Well I'm definitely signing in the spring, but I might commit early, but that's just a possibility that I might commit early. But I'm definitely not going to sign until the Spring signing period.

Just to confirm-you are saying it's possible you could offer a verbal commitment during the November signing period but not sign until the Spring?

Possibly, but like I said, it's based on what I'm more comfortable with and when I'm ready to commit.

In your estimation, what are the benefits for you to offering a verbal commitment during the November signing period but not signing until the spring?

Well in this case, in case things don't go as planned, maybe I didn't see everything, I don't want to be tied down to a school or anything like that, that would be the worst possible thing. I Just really want to make for sure I'm comfortable with where I'm going.

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