One on one with Kevon Looney

His recruitment has been a bit of a mystery for the last month, and it's by design. So what's the latest with Kevon Looney? He sat down with TDD to provide an update.

What was it like battling in the post today?

Kevon Looney: It was a lot of fun, real good for me because I play on the wing a lot like in AAU and stuff, so it was different for me doing the post moves and playing with these big post players, they were real strong, but it was a lot of fun.

When you get to college Kevon, do you see yourself wanting to be that versatile 4 guy, inside and out, or do you want to be more a true wing forward?

I think I can do both, it depends on how the coach wants to play the lineup or how he wants to use me, I like playing both. When I went on the campus visits and played open gym, I'd play a lot of wing, but here, I'm taller than a lot of people and I can rebound, so I play both. I can defend both positions.

When you get to college, do you think it's important for you to put on a good amount of weight to be totally effective in college, or do you think you'll be good?

I wouldn't say that, I mean, when I went to visit these schools, the players, they were strong, but they weren't overbearing and they weren't too much stronger than me, I lift weights a lot, I weigh about 210/215 right now, so if I do put on more weight, I can handle it, but I don't need to get up to like 250 or anything like that.

A lot of people think it's a real mystery how you are feeling towards your recruitment-is that by design?

Yeah it kinda is, but it's because I'm still not 100% for sure where I want to go. I've been thinking about it, but I want to see these last two places that I go to and then I'm going to sit down and break it down so I can make a decision on October 31st.

What kind of conversations have you been having with your parents and coaches about this?

My parents, they give input, what they like or don't like about them, but they always tell me it's my choice and my coach says that too. They all have to like the school I pick, but it's really my choice.

What are the most important things to you as you evaluate these schools on the visits as you figure out whether you want to go there or not?

When I visit these schools, I really want to see the players, get a feel from them, see whether I can fit in and play with them, that type of stuff. Then my comfortability with the coach, the relationship with him and then what type of vision the coach has for me, like how he would play me and use me on the court.

How did the Duke and Tennessee visits go for you recently?

They went real good, I went there and to Florida as well, they all went real good, they are great program, great facilities and they have great college atmosphere's, all 3 were a lot of fun.

What were your impressions of the Duke visit-what kind of conversations did you have with the staff?

It was real good, it was a great visit, I got a chance to spend time with the players, I talked with Jabari and he talked with me about the coaching staff, I got to go to Coach K's house and I got to sit down with Coach Nate James, I have a great relationship with all of them, it was a lot of fun, I had a good time.

What was the experience like in Coach K's home for you?

It was real nice, he's got a great house, it was a great experience and they had great food, I really enjoyed the time with Coach K and his family.

How about on your Tennessee visit, was that a really different feel from the Duke visit?

Yeah, I'd say so, it was a lot bigger, the college campus is real big. Coach Cuonzo is real cool, same thing, we have a good relationship with the coaching staff, me and my dad got to go see his high school, go down memory lane for him, that was cool and I had a great time with the players and we had a lot of fun.

Speaking of the family connections with Tennessee, how big a deal is that for you in your college choice consideration?

Not really, my dad, he has family down there, but it's not a lot. He has family there, in South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee, so it really doesn't matter.

With your decision date set for October 31st, do you think it's likely you will know your decision before the 31st, or is it likely to go all the way to the day before you decide and announce?

I'll probably know a couple of days before.

Has any school "wowed" you on the visits so far?

I mean, they all kinda wowed me, but I really didn't have a favorite going into the visits and I tried to think about each visit for a like a week after to kinda let it settle in, so that when I took these visits I could really sit down and look at each one.

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