One on one with Tyus Jones

Long identified as the top point guard prospect on the Duke board, Tyus Jones is finally approaching a decision. He spoke about that and more with TDD this week.

How has Team USA Camp gone for you?

Tyus Jones: It was really good, really competitive, guys went at it, it was good and fun. It was good getting back in the swing of things, it was an honor to be invited out here and to play and to represent the USA. It was a good feeling, I just enjoyed it.

I was reading an article recently about ESPN broadcasting some of your high school games this year, what's like that like for you knowing that your team will have that exposure?

It's a great feeling, makes me excited and it makes me even more anxious for the season to get here, it's definitely a great feeling, I'm looking forward to being a part of it.

Your mom had a quote in that same article about a separate discussion she had had recently with ESPN, was that related to a possible decision making date you might announce on?

Possibly, and we've been talking about it, we haven't finalized anything yet, but it's a possibility that we haven't decided on for sure yet.

What's the pitch from ESPN there?

I just talked with Paul Biancardi this summer and he just offered the opportunity, so that's the way that came about.

Is there a discussion happening between you and Jahlil on that option?

Yeah, definitely, that's for sure what we're planning on doing.

Do you think it's possible the announcement will be a joint announcement when you two play head to head on ESPN?

I think we're going to announce it before that game happens. I think our decision will be done before we play each other.

From your perspective Tyus, do you think there's any factors that could lead to you and Jahlil not playing together?

There's always a possibility, and nothing in life is for certain, but we are doing our best and we are going to try and make that work. That's how we know we are approaching it, we just have to look at it as an opportunity for the both of us and that's how we have to approach it.

It sounds like Jahlil may not be ready to decide when you might be ready, how do you guys think you'll handle that situation if that occurs?

Just communication, we do a good job at communicating with each other, if one of us feels like we're not ready to decide, then we're just going to talk and figure everything out.

It sounds like Jahlil is trying to talk with you about Kentucky in light of his comments today in the article, are they still a serious option for you with them accepting the Tyler Ulis commitment?

I mean, it's always tough when a school gets a commitment from a point guard in the same class. So I ended up canceling my visit and talked with the coaches, so I haven't necessarily moved them out, we're just going to have to see how it goes.

If you are ready to decide in November and Jahlil is not, do you think it's likely you end up at different schools if you choose to sign in November and he chooses to wait until the Spring to sign?

I'm not sure, really. Like I said, it's a great possibility that we're going to go to the same school and that we're going to make that happen, so, I think the situation is the same and we're going to end up at the same college.

It was reported recently that Justise Winslow will be joining you and Jahil at Duke for your official visits, what was your reaction when that worked itself out?

Yeah, we're definitely excited about that. He gets to join us at Duke when we take a look at it, we're looking forward to it. I know they just finalized the visit, but we had been talking about him coming with us for awhile now, but I know they were just able to set it up now recently.

Was the addition to the visit something you worked out, or was it more the Duke coaching staff driving it?

I think it was kinda me doing it, talking with him about it, then the Duke coaches mentioned it as well and it worked out for all of us.

Going into these last visits—do you go in with  a lot of unanswered questions, or is it more go in and have a fun weekend?

I think a little bit of both, I don't think there's necessarily a lot of unanswered questions, I'm just looking for a feel of the colleges and to see what feels like the best fit.

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