One on one with Chase Jeter

While the prime targets in the class of 2015 are still being determined, a number of players have drawn heavy initial interest from Duke. One of those is Nevada big man Chase Jeter, who recently spoke with Coach K about a number of topics.

How was the experience at the Team USA Camp?

Chase Jeter: It's went pretty good. I felt like I was assertive, and it was high intensity. I was getting down the floor and communicating with my teammates when I got into the post and when I had a face up game.

What kind of things are you looking to take away from that experience?

Wow, it was such a learning experience, and it's more like what am I not going to be taking away from this camp. You have to bring the intensity each and every day, no matter what, no matter how tired you are or how sore you are, you always have to work at getting up and down the court, communicating with your teammates, being a good team player and accept your role on the team.

Switching gears, you recently were offered by Kansas, I believe...

Yeah, they offered about two weeks ago. They came to my school the prior week and Coach Self was there. It was on my birthday, I was out at dinner with my parents and I got a phone call from the assistant and they basically said that he liked my game and how I worked and that I had a scholarship offer to Kansas. It was a good feeling, that's a big time school, so I want to keep on working and improving myself day in and day out so that I know I earned it and I deserved it and I'm going to continue to work and making sure I'm worthy of it.

Are there any schools that you have hoped for offers from all along?

Yeah I've always liked Kansas, that's one of the schools I've always liked watching. I like the way they run their bigs and the way they develop their bigs. Kansas, I was pretty proud of myself for the offer, but I'm always going to continue to work and have motivation to keep improving.

You also tweeted that you had enjoyed a conversation with Coach K recently. Can you recap that?

It was good, he had a good talk with me and a good talk with my parents. He watched us practice and I had a good practice where I worked together with my teammate and we went to war in practice.

How about the topics of conversation?

We got a good chance to scrimmage and that we had a good chance to talk after about how he's not recruiting very many kids in the junior class and he told me at USA to go all out, give it a 100% and I have nothing to lose. So I'm out here to prove myself and to let people know I'm worthy, more than worthy to compete here. He talked about certain aspects of my game, like my face up game that I can execute a lot and that I continue to communicate on the floor, which he said I did a good job with.

Did he discuss a scholarship offer?

No, not yet. He just said to continue to develop relationships with the whole staff and hopefully get a visit planned to get out there and to continue to keep working on developing the relationship.

What was your overall reaction to the conversation?

It was good because you know a chance to meet a legendary coach who is also affiliated with USA Basketball, he gave me a chance like, like a real mindset going in, he improved my mindset going in to working hard in the camp and it was a real honor to meet a great coach and a legend at that and a great person too.

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