One on one with Thomas Bryant

One of the top PFs in the class of 2015 is five star West Virginia product Thomas Bryant. The 6-foot-9, 200 pounder was also one of the top performers at last week's Team USA Camp. He spoke about the experience and his recruiting with TDD shortly thereafter.

The various scouting reports at camp named you as a guy who set the competitive example for his his peers. Is that something you focus on in your approach?

Thomas Bryant: Well, I feel like it went well for me. I've got the opportunity to see how I could do against that level of top players, and it was great to play against so many of the top guys in high school basketball.

One report had you going hard against Jahlil Okafor

Yeah, it's great just being able to be around Jahlil. He's a a big brother to me, and he teaches you a lot. He gave me a lot to work on with my game.

What kind of things did he teach you?

He talked with me about how to work around different parts of the post, mainly. Like what kind of moves to use selectively, and to be sure to make sure you always have both your first move and then another move you can go to if the first one doesn't work. Really about thinking ahead.

What kind of post moves did you have coming into the camp or are working on?

My go-to is probably catching the ball off a quick move, and then ducking in real quick and going up strong for a hook or dunk.

Were there any new faces you met at the camp?

Yeah, all my friends from last year are here, and knowing what we went through together, it's a very special time to be together again.

A popular trend lately seems to be the idea of guys forming bonds and then looking at attending the same schools together. Does that apply to you?

No, not really.

How has the move to Huntington Prep gone for you?

Oh, it's going real well, it's a lot more competitive than my last school, just being around the coaches and players has been great.

What sparked the move for you?

Just trying to develop into and around great players on a daily basis. I just really wanted to get better as a player and I felt like going there would help me do that'd and would help me stay on track with my grades.

On the recruiting front, how are things going for you?

It's going real good, I think. Since I moved there hasn't been any new offers but there is still good interest from a good amount of schools. Seton Hall and Kansas are the newer schools.

Duke has been mentioned with you in various reports, has anything developed there?

No, I have nothing going on with Duke. I'm hoping to hear from them.

What is it about Duke that makes you want to hear from them?

They are a really great program with a great coach in Coach K. Just seeing what they have done with championships and they always have a great team every year, and with the USA Championships that Coach K has, he's just a great coach. Hopefully I'll be in position one day to hear from them, I like their style of play.

What do you like about Duke's style of play?

I think it's great, all their players get to be themselves, their big guys and their guards. I like that they can be themselves and have that freedom.

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