Chase Jeter talks Duke offer

The Duke coaches could see their efforts in the class of 2014 wind down this week, which would mean it's time to turn their attention to the current crop of talented juniors. To that end, Mike Krzyzewski is already making moves in 2015. His most recent decision? To offer Chase Jeter a scholarship. Jeter spoke at length with TDD about the offer and more.

With you season fast approaching, is your team looking to you and Stephen Zimmerman to be leaders this year?

Chase Jeter: Yeah, definitely! Me and him and we always look to our point guard, we're the team captains and we're looking to lead the squad and make it a fun, successful year for everybody.

How did you feel about your summer and fall?

Everything's been going great, with coming off of the fall and having a great USA Basketball experience, it was a chance for me to compete and to see where I'm at and with other things I could improve on. We have the pre-season stuff going on with Bishop Gorman so that's been good to see where we are and what we're going to be able to do on the national scale and also in the state.

I know for me I'm happy that I've been progressing as a player this year in certain aspects of my game and I'm going to be continuing to work on getting better as a player, stuff like improving on my mid range game and a lot of my face up game, one dribble moves to score over the top, just finishing strong. My dad tells me what I need to work on my game and what needs improvement and I also hear from my trainer and some coaches too.

One of the things your dad mentioned at USA Basketball Camp was how great the conversations have been with the coaching staffs recruiting you, from your perspective, what's been the most memorable conversations you've personally had with the various coaches?

A lot has stood out to me, but I wouldn't say it's one conversation that's been memorable but I've had some really good conversations with Coach K. Like, really good ones. We talk about more than basketball, so that's good. Like we talk about how my school is going, certain guys that Coach K has had the opportunity to meet in the past and guys that I've had the opportunity to meet, just a lot of different things.

What are your impressions of Coach K after having that chance?

Honestly, I was a little scared to talk to him at first because I thought he was going to be an intimidating guy because of how successful he's been and how good of a coach he is, but he's articulate and he's a really great guy who is easy to talk to. I'm looking forward to developing a relationship with him and the other coaches on the Duke staff.

Can you take me through the Duke offer conversation and how it was presented?

Well, me and Coach K were on the phone and we were talking about last night's game and how Jabari had played and how good the other guys had played and how their defense was doing and then he told me that the main reason that he had called me was he wanted to offer me a scholarship and that he thought that I had the academics and the character and the skill in basketball to play at Duke and that's basically how it went.

What was your reaction to that?

I was excited, I was obviously very grateful and I told him sincerely, thank you on behalf of me and family and just that I was excited to keep developing the relationship and that I looked forward to getting out there for a visit. I'm looking forward to it.

Was the phone call a previously scheduled one or was it more spontaneous?

He had texted me earlier in the morning asking if there would be a good time for me that I would be free because he was going to be free that day and he was hoping to have a few minutes to talk with me. We ended up talking later on.

Since you've mentioned you've been watching Duke, what are your initial thoughts on them this season?

Note: Jeter spoke with TDD before the Kansas game

It was a good game, they played Davidson which is a good team and I was really impressed with how Jabari Parker played and I was thinking  about where I could fit in with the program from watching him. I think I could be one of the guys who could come into the program and extend the defense for them, I think that would be one of the things that I could bring to Duke. I can be a guy who can shoot it, take guys off the dribble and still do work down low.

Is that a role that Coach K has already discussed with you as possible if you come to Duke?

No, that was more what I was thinking, but that's in the future and I still have a lot of progressing to do as a player. You never know where you might end up, so I have a lot of progressing to do, we'll see how I do.

Did Coach K indicate anything about how he's hoping for their recruitment of you to head in the future?

He didn't say anything about when he was hoping for me to commit, we didn't say anything about where I should commit, he just said he wanted to offer me the scholarship.

Are there any visits in the works?

There's none scheduled right now, it is possible that I'm going to get out there for one, but there's no timetable for that right now.

Are you at the point with all the offers you've received over the past few months that you have all the offers you have been hoping for, or are there still some you are hoping to receive?

I'd say I have them all. Still, I've still got time in my recruitment still, for the most part, I'm open, if there was a school that I liked that decided to recruit me, I'd give them a chance, but as far as that goes, there's no schools that have really stepped in and I don't think any more schools are planning to recruit me, so at this point, I think I'm at a steady level with what schools I talk to and which schools I'm interested in. All of the schools who I'm interested in have offered.

Is there a pecking order so to speak in your mind with the offers you have received?

There's ones that stick out to me, but there's still a lot of time until I make my decision, so a lot of the offers stand out, but it's also important that I watch a lot of the schools play this year, see how the coaches coach, see how things go, I'm not the only one being recruited, I also like to think that I'm recruiting the schools as well.

That's an interesting perspective, what makes you think you have to recruit the schools as well?

I mean, it's kind of logical to me, I want to go to a place where I'm wanted, and where I'd know I'd be comfortable, so me going into the program already knowing that I like the playing style, knowing what I'd be expected to do and knowing what I would expect to do, it's just kinda logic to me to express my interest in a program.

Based on the offers, who have you expressed a lot of interest to of the schools that have offered you?

Most of the schools that I talk to I have a good relationship with most of the coaches and I've done some sort of research on the schools and the program and what they are about and how they've been in the past.

Based on what you've seen so far, do you think there's any particular programs that have offered that are a really good fit for you?

So far I feel like I can find my niche in any program, it's just a matter of what I'm most comfortable with.

Does your recruiting timetable change now that you have the offers that you have?

The way it's looking right now, I have most of the schools recruiting me that I always really wanted and that I could see myself going to, I feel like probably I'll be committed in time by November next year and then I'll sign then.

What kind of factors will you be seriously evaluating as you work towards a decision?

I'd like to go to a program where I'll be able to play right away and that's not to be confused with the fact that I'm going to make sure that I put in the work. I just want to be able to go to a place where I could play right away, but I'm still going to be continuing to put in the work. I also want to go to a program where I could play a big role in the offense and I think definitely also having a good relationship with not just the head coach, but also the assistant coaches as well, that's important to me as well. I'll look into a lot of other things, but those are things that I like in making my decision. Most of the schools recruiting me I have good relationships with all of the assistant coaches as well.

With wanting to play right away, are you looking for more for the opportunity to compete for minutes early on, or is it a different consideration?

Well, I'm always going to work so, so I don't need any guarantees because I feel like my game will be able to take care of that and my work ethic as well.

How much are you looking at projected depth charts in the front courts of the schools recruiting you, is that a big deal in your consideration?

Well, I mean, it'll be good to go for me to go to a school with another big that I'd be able to compete with,  who would be able to help me get better and I'd be able to help them get better, so as far as going to a school with kids from my class in the same position, I feel most of the schools I talk to do a good job recruiting other guys.

With that in mind, what's the next step for you?

Next couple of months the only visits I'm likely to do will probably be local just because it's easier to swing, but no schools recruiting me at this point have set something up visit wise yet, but the Pac-12 will probably be getting the opening visits because of location.

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