Recruits talk Duke-Miami

It was a big weekend in Durham as the Duke Blue Devils of the present defeated a traditional ACC powerhouse and earned the right to be ranked in the weekly polls. So how did the Blue Devils of the future react? We spoke to several members of the class of 2014 about that and more.

Johnathan Lloyd: "I enjoyed the game and seeing how the team played. I cannot wait to be out there with those guys. It's great to prove that Duke is the read deal, and this was just a great win. This program is going to new heights."

Nico Pierre: "This win means a lot to me because they beat my home town team. Miami is a team I used to watch when I was smaller, and now to see my future team beat them meant so much to me, and I'm sure my future teammates."

Taariq Shabazz: "It was was a great game and made me even more excited to be a Blue Devil. Knowing that I'll be out there next season is a real motivator for me."

Kameron Schroeder: "I felt like Duke was outstanding running the ball and I'm just really excited about this team and the direction of the program. I fell everyone has bought in and is willing to put in the work to win. It's a great win for Duke and a big step in the right direction for the program as a whole. When you look at where they are now and the recruiting class we have put together, the future looks really bright."

Zach Harmon: "I was very impressed with the win. I was actually at the game! The atmosphere was awesome and I thought the team played with a lot of confidence. They look like they deserve to be in the Top 25."

Chris Taylor: "Man that was a crazy game! I'm so proud to be a Blue Devil and this kind of win shows what direction our program is headed in. They're laying the foundation right now for years to come. It's a brick by brick process, but this kind of win is huge. I can't wait to be apart of this."

Alonzo Saxton: "I'm very happy for Duke right now. They really do have the momentum on their side right now. Very impressive wins thus far this season which makes it that much more exciting for me to be a part of something like that."

Davis Koppenhaver: "I was watching the game at home, but the atmosphere in Wallace Wade Stadium looked crazy! I wish I could have been there to experience it first hand."

Trip McNeill: It was a great night to be a Blue Devil. I was one of the guys who stormed the field. Whenever your team inspires your fans to jump an eight foot wall to celebrate, it's a good thing. I've seen this coming for a while, which is why I decided to commit to Duke all that time ago."

2015 Commit Zach Morris: "It's really strong to see what Coach Cutcliffe is doing with the Duke program. He is not only bringing them together on the field, but you can tell he's also providing a real sense of family and togetherness as well. Seeing how the student body rallied around the team to drive them to victory and impressive to see the poise that the team played with down the stretch."

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