Muniz recaps big official visit weekend

Zach Muniz, one of the last commitments from the class of 2014, was on hand this past weekend for his official visit to Duke. He spoke with TDD about the visit and where the coaches see he and the program heading over the next few years.

"I spent the weekend being hosted by Deondre Singleton but we were with Breon Borders, Bryon Fields, and Devon Edwards the whole time too," said Zach Muniz. "It was a great visit."

Muniz, who visited with several other future classmates last weekend, projects as a cornerback for the Blue Devil when he enrolls next summer. Before that happens, however, he had a full weekend of activities and events aimed at educating him on becoming a Duke football player.

"The first day we went out to eat with all of the coaches, hosts, recruits, and all of our parents, and that was fun to get to first talk to and get to know everybody. The next day we were in meetings about the academics and doing tours of the facilities. Then, on the second night, we went to Coach Cutcliffe's house to have a huge dinner and hang out with him. That was awesome."

During that second night's meal the topic of the Duke football and the changes the program has seen came up.

"Coach Cut just said how great it was to win and how hard they have worked to get there, but he also told us that it doesn't just stop here that we have to keep getting better and better and keep working."

For that continued improvement to happen, the Duke coaches expect the newest crop of Blue Devils to come in ready to contribute and to push their veteran teammates each and every day. That message was reaffirmed when Muniz attended a position meeting with the other defensive backs.

"I was with them most all of the weekend, but Coach Jones just said how they have a good thing going on right now with the DBs and how I can really help them out and come and do good things with them."

Still both sides expect there to be a learning curve, which is why Muniz was offered some advice on making the change form high school to college ball by his future teammates:

"They said to just really know the play book, and don't really worry about size but try to get as fast as I can. To really just keep doing what I've been doing and work hard because it pays off at Duke."

The coaches echoed that sentiment:

"They really just talked about how I don't need to worry about working out really hard and trying to gain a lot of weight and that I should just focus on being in really good shape and get as fast as possible. But Coach Cut also said how he doesn't want me to start slacking off in school in my last semester and that I should continue to challenge myself in that aspect so that it can help me with the transition into college academics."

And speaking of academics, the opportunity to gain a Duke education was one of the things that sold Muniz on being a Blue Devils. However, he's aware that his schedule will be extremely tight and time management will be important. It was one of the main things he took away from this past weekend.

"I really liked the campus and thought that it was very beautiful but I really liked all of the help and resources they give the football players to get help with their academics and really succeed in that area."

During his senior season for Christian Brothers Academy Muniz produced four interceptions, 14 pass break-ups, and one punt return for touchdown.

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