Ask the Experts: Tyler Ennis v. Tyus Jones

Syracuse freshman point guard Tyler Ennis has earned a phenomenal reputation in leading the Orange to the top of the polls and a 21-0 overall record. The Blue Devils have their own phenom point guard heading to Durham next year. So how does Tyler Ennis compare to Tyus Jones? We asked the experts to break it down.

Duke got a first hand look at Tyler Ennis when the Syracuse freshman helped his team to a two point victory over the Blue Devils in what many are calling the best game of the college basketball season. Ennis finished with 14 points, nine assists (against just two turnovers), and three rebounds while playing the entire game for the Orange.

A season ago Ennis was ranked as a five star prospect and the No. 5 floor general in the class of 2013 by, but was not named to the McDonald's All-American game.

Fast forward to the class of 2014 and the Blue Devils are understandably excited to welcome five star prospect Tyus Jones to Durham this coming summer. Jones has drawn all manner of comparisons to various former great collegiate point guards, but we took a more conservative point of view and asked the experts at to compare the Minnesota prospect to the current standard for first year floor generals: Ennis.

Here's the response:

Brian Snow,
Jones at a similar stage was is a bit of a superior prospect. While Ennis is longer and more athletic, Jones has proven to be a better shooter and also is as good a decision maker with the basketball as I have seen from a point guard in high school. While Ennis definitely doesn't lack in either area, he is off the charts as a decision maker, and that is what makes him a very good prospect.

That said, Ennis found the perfect situation for him in terms of style of play, personality of coaches, and opportunity, and he is using that to have one heck of a freshman season. There is no way to know some of those variables yet with Jones, so who knows if he will have a better freshman season. That said as prospects Jones is a superior one, and even though Duke fans are probably hoping otherwise, he is likely to be a one and done type prospect. 

Rob Harrington,
Jones is more of an all-around scorer. I regarded Ennis as a very good stationary shooter, but he lacked Jones' ability to create for himself and doesn't have the pull-up game. I also view Jones as the slightly superior playmaker and ball-handler, though Ennis likely will be the better defender of the two.

Evan Daniels,
I found this task a little difficult, but here goes:

As a high schooler Tyler Ennis was a good player and a guy always ranked in the top 30 or so of high school basketball players, at least in his final two seasons. Ennis always had a good feel for he game, was a good passer and also was a very good shooter from three. I think he's proven to be pretty good in all categories in college as well. As far as comparing Tyus Jones, at least in high school, he always had a big reputation in high school Ennis was known, but Jones has been known as an elite level talent since he was a freshman.

Jones' best attribute is his feel. He understands the game and makes smart play with the ball in his hands. You can trust him to run your team. You could always trust Ennis as well, but he wasn't known as the elite level talent than Jones was throughout HS. Both were tremendous passers and both are good shooters to three. I think where Jones, at least when comparing them as high school seniors, may separate himself some is his ability to get by and use his dribble to create opportunities for his teammates. Ennis could get by guys, but not at the same level that Jones has proven over the course of his career.

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