Efficiency Ratings: Syracuse

Using an NBA Efficiency Rating Formula, TDD tracks the best statistical performances of the season

A quick way NBA coaches measure a player's game performance is by evaluating his efficiency. In order to find a player's efficiency the following formula is used:

((Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks) - ((Field Goals Att. - Field Goals Made) + (Free Throws Att. - Free Throws Made) + Turnovers)).

For example, compare the following stat lines:

Player A: 17 points (5-of-22 FG, 7-9 FT), 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals, 4 turnovers.

Player B: 15 points (5-8 FG, 3-4 FT), 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 turnovers

Who had the better game? Using the above referenced formula player B, who hit five of eight shots and committed two turnovers registered a +20 efficiency total while Player A who missed 17 shots and had four turnovers had just a +11 rating.

The rematch of one of college basketball's best games of the season ended with Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim ejected after he charged onto the court to argue a block/charge call.

Rodney Hood scored 13 points and drew that game-changing charging call that helped No. 5 Duke beat No. 1 Syracuse 66-60 on Saturday night.

Freshman Jabari Parker had 19 points and 10 rebounds for the Blue Devils (22-6, 11-4 Atlantic Coast Conference).

Jerami Grant had 17 points and C.J. Fair, the player who was called for the charge, finished with 13 for the Orange (25-2, 12-2).

"I just thought that was the worst call of the year, that's all," Boeheim said. "I hated to see the game decided on that call."

The first meeting between these teams was an overtime game considered an instant classic. The rematch was just as close but it will be remembered more for Boeheim's exit with 10 seconds to play.

v. Syracuse
(change from previous game)

  • Rodney Hood +10 (+2)
  • Jabari Parker +21 (+4)
  • Amile Jefferson +7 (+3)
  • Quinn Cook +2 (-14)
  • Rasheed Sulaimon +12 (+10)
  • Tyler Thornton +12 (+12)
  • Matt Jones DNP (—)
  • Josh Hairston DNP (—)
  • Semi Ojeleye DNP (—)
  • Andre Dawkins -2 (-6)
  • Marshall Plumlee +10 (+1)

Notes: Parker recorded another double-double with 19 points and 10 rebounds to end the night with another score over 20 efficiency points. Were it not for a second straight game with five turnovers, the freshman's score would have been among the highest of the season thanks to 67 percent shooting from the field. He missed a "zero-zero" (one tally in every statistical category) by not recording a steal.

A couple of players' scores seemed to be polar opposites to the flow of the game. Senior Tyler Thornton struggled early with some turnovers that resulted in Coach K removing him from the game, but ended the night with a +12 thanks to perfect shooting from the field and 75 percent from the free throw line. Thornton also managed three assists and three steals to go along with eight points.

Meanwhile, junior Quinn Cook hit a couple of big shots, but his poor overall shooting percentage (2-of-10) coupled with just one assist and steal was enough to leave him with just a +2 on the night. That score is his lowest of the season.

Filling in for Cook as the floor general was Rasheed Sulaimon who shot 50 percent from the floor, and finished with eight points, four rebounds, and seven assists against just two turnovers. The sophomore's +12 was lowered due to free thrown shooting (50 percent).

Perhaps the best game of the night relative to season performance was turned in by Marshall Plumlee who finished with a +10 score in 19 minutes. Before the sophomore big man was hit with cramping issues that limited his minutes, he went into halftime leading Duke in rebounds and blocks, and was third in points with four. Over the past two games, Plumlee has recorded a cumulative total of +19.

Throughout the season TDD will track the various highs and lows using the formula.

Ten Most Efficient Performances

  • Jabari Parker v. Boston College (+37)
  • Rodney Hood v. East Carolina (+32)
  • Rodney Hood v. Georgia Tech (+31)
  • Quinn Cook v. Michigan (+31)
  • Jabari Parker v. UCLA (+30)
  • Jabari Parker v. Alabama (+30)
  • Rodney Hood v. Davidson (+30)
  • Rodney Hood v. Florida Atlantic (+30)
  • Jabari Parker v. Vermont (+30)
  • Quinn Cook v. Davidson (+29)

Five Least Efficient Performances*
  • Andre Dawkins v. Alabama (-3)
  • Matt Jones v. Kansas (-3)
  • Josh Hairston v. Wake Forest (-3)
  • Matt Jones v. Florida State (-2)
  • Andre Dawkins v. Syracuse (-2)
*- players must play at least five minutes or factor into the box score to be considered for per game E-ratings

Cumulative Season ratings for the Blue Devils. (E/game)*

  • Jabari Parker: 568 (20.2)
  • Rodney Hood: 417 (14.9)
  • Quinn Cook: 351 (12.5)
  • Amile Jefferson: 339 (12.1)
  • Rasheed Sulaimon: 241 (8.9)
  • Andre Dawkins: 201 (7.4)
  • Tyler Thornton: 194 (6.9)
  • Marshall Plumlee: 73 (3.2)
  • Josh Hairston: 58 (2.3)
  • Matt Jones: 45 (1.8)
  • Semi Ojeleye: 39 (2.4)

Games Factored In: Ojeleye (16), Dawkins (26), Plumlee (23), Sulaimon (27), Jones (25), Hairston (25)

Cumulative Season ratings per minute for the Blue Devils. (E/minutes)

  • Jabari Parker: 0.670
  • Amile Jefferson: 0.559
  • Andre Dawkins: 0.513
  • Semi Ojeleye: 0.506
  • Rodney Hood: 0.463
  • Quinn Cook: 0.399
  • Marshall Plumlee: 0.380
  • Rasheed Sulaimon: 0.364
  • Tyler Thornton: 0.343
  • Josh Hairston: 0.224
  • Matt Jones: 0.222

Tracking the most and least efficient performances by player

  • Rodney Hood +32/+3
  • Jabari Parker +37/-1
  • Amile Jefferson +28/+1
  • Quinn Cook +31/+2
  • Rasheed Sulaimon +25/-2
  • Tyler Thornton +15/+0
  • Matt Jones +12/-3
  • Josh Hairston +8/-1
  • Semi Ojeleye +16/-1
  • Andre Dawkins +23/-3
  • Marshall Plumlee +10/-1

Notes: Plumlee has moved ahead of Sulaimon in the per minute ratings and is now scoring a +.380/minute. He's also creating separation between himself and Josh Hairston who hasn't played in the last two games. The two closest battles for standing purposes are between Amile Jefferson and Quinn Cook (a 12 point difference) and Tyler Thornton and Andre Dawkins (7 points).

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