Visits provided answers for Turner

After returning from back to back visits to Kansas and Duke, Texas five star center prospect Myles Turner is reflecting on all he saw and heard. He's also beginning to form some concrete opinions, which he shared with TDD.

I hear congratulations are in order Myles, what does it mean to you to be named to the Jordan Brand Classic?

Myles Turner: I appreciate that, that was a really big deal for me, I was looking forward to it to see if I made it.

You are going to be in the Jordan and McDonald's games, what does it mean for you to achieve those invites?

It definitely means a lot, just to be able to be involved with all the top high school players in the country in both of those games, even with the Nike Hoop Summit as well, I'm very excited to be a part of that as well. The big reason why I'm excited to be a part of all three games is because in the past, sometimes guys are a part of one game but not the other, so to be in all three of the events, I'm really excited.

The McDonald's Game was probably my number one goal for the longest time, mainly because I just recently heard about the Jordan Brand game, maybe about three years ago is the first time I personally had heard about it, but the McDonald's Game was something I've been looking forward to for a very long time. I've been working hard just trying to be recognized, to come from where I started to where I am now, it was humbling at first, but it's definitely a blessing and I'm trying to continue to get accustomed to all of the attention that's come.

I wanted to ask you about that attention you've been receiving, how have you handled this spring period and all the attention that came with you deciding to wait to commit until the late signing period?

I've been just staying true to myself, I don't ever let it get to my head and to stay grounded and work, just like I'm used to and I stay close to my inner circle, that's really what I've been doing through this whole process.

Speaking of the inner circle, is it just your mom and dad helping you, or will there be other people you lean on as you move towards the final decision?

There's one more person. It's my mom and my dad and my trainer, his name is Ken and he's a lot more than just a trainer to me, he's really close to my dad and I've built a very close relationship with him over the past five years.

What kind of input does your trainer provide with your recruiting process?

He was a recruit when he was younger, and he played at Louisiana Tech with Karl Malone, they were roommates, so he's been through this process before and he's been able to give me some really great advice and he's trained a whole bunch of pros as well. Some of them, like Larry Johnson, Chris Bosh, Lamarcus Aldridge, he just really knows what he's talking about and he has had some great conversations with the trainers at schools that I'm involved with as well. When I get back from visits I'll tell him what I heard and saw, he doesn't come on the visits, I guess that would be an NCAA violation if more than two people were to come.

Do you discuss different parts of the recruiting process with him than you do with your parents?

Pretty much the same thing, he talks to my mom and my dad more than I talk to them about the process, we all do this together.

Speaking of the process, you had back to back visits with Kansas and Duke, how did those go?

I was very excited for it, most players who go on visits have to wait a long time before their next visit and to have to reflect for a lot longer on what they saw, but I was able to really knock out a couple visits back to back so I could see for myself and just really see things in person and compare these schools.

So with the Kansas visit, what kind of questions did you go in with?

I went in with asking like, a lot of it I was really anxious to see what Coach Hudy, their strength and conditioning coach had to say and what she was all about. They are very advanced with their technology over there and her program and her development ideas were definitely very cool, so that was exciting to learn. I also asked about certain players of theirs and I got to see for myself the Phog Allen Fieldhouse, I had heard a lot about it, but it was good to see it for myself for the first time, it was everything that it lived up to.

Did you get to interact with the fans a lot at Phog Allen?

Not as much as I did at Duke, they embraced me a little but not as much as at Duke. I just went there to enjoy the game and they interacted with me and I interacted back.

The questions you mentioned having for Kansas, were those of the nature of asking about players who might be returning or going pro?

Pretty much it was about Joel and some of it was about Perry, but they weren't big concerns, I was just curious. Coach Self was very honest with me with his approach towards them.

Is that a big part of your evaluation of Kansas, whether either of those guys stays or goes pro?

I would say so, yes.

What makes that a big deal in your estimation?

Just, I wouldn't say playing time or anything like that, just the fact that it would be a full house kinda.

Is that a similar question that you posed to the Duke staff on your visit?

Well, no, not really, they have different positions at Duke. I mean, you have a Jahlil over at Duke and then you have Joel and Perry at Kansas and Cliff as well, those are just two totally different positions.

What are the main differences you see?

I just feel like, Jahlil is more of a traditional post whereas I feel everybody else, they kinda play the same way that I do, like I kinda play a similar position or way that Perry does and Joel, he's very similar to me defensively, and Cliff, he's just a really strong bruiser. I can play a different position than Jahlil would at Duke.

Would you play off of Okafor and Alexander in the same way in your opinion?

I feel like they are two very different players. I feel like with Cliff, he would be that bruising power forward and I would play center and also play outside with him. It's kinda the same with Jahlil, I feel like he would be in the post and would draw a lot of attention and then I would play off of him in that regard.

So when you were meeting with Coach Self and Coach K on the visits, were you have a lot of discussions about potentially playing alongside these post players we've been discussing?

Of course, yes sir.

What did both of them say to you about their vision for how you would play there depending on what post guys are there or not there?

It wasn't anything specific, just working together, that was the big thing.

Did you have this kind of discussion with Jahlil when you guys were both on visits?

We did not talk too much about playing together, we just kinda talked and had different conversations when we were around each other. We didn't talk with Coach K about it.

What kind of questions did you have for Coach K on the Duke visit?

A lot of it was similar questions that I had on the Kansas visit, the fans really embraced me while we were there, me, Chase and Luke, they embraced all of us, it was a lot of fun. It was an awesome experience, Cameron was a little smaller than I expected, but the fact that it was smaller made it a lot louder. The whole visit experience with Phog Allen and Cameron, they are two totally different experiences.

How, if at all, does the comparison of the two venues factor into your evaluation?

Really I'm just going to do what I'm going to do, I'm going to be there to play basketball in a great environment.

What kind of approach did Coach K and the Duke Staff take in your conversations with them?

Coach K just kept reiterating the fact that I'm a basketball player, I shouldn't limit myself to one position. He's very smart in his approach.

Did you go into the Duke visit with a lot of unanswered questions about Duke?

No, not necessarily.

Wrapping up, how do you see yourself handling the McDonald's and Jordan and Hoop Summit weeks with all the recruiting of you that will probably be happening?

I just go in and do my thing really, I'm not worried about recruiting things. My goal is to just to have fun with all the games and I'm definitely going to see how I would play with guys, like I'm going to be playing with Cliff I think, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes and how it will go playing against other guys.

Once you are having the final discussions about where you are going to go to college, what's going to go into those discussions?

Development's a huge part and whatever is the best fit for me as a player and person.

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