All-Star games gave Turner pause

After more than a year of ups and downs, five star prospect Myles Turner is ready to make his college decision. Duke, which was thought to be a long shot option, had the last in-home visit…but did Coach K make up ground? And what did the all-star game circuit change about this recruitment? TDD sat down with Turner's father to get the latest in advance of Wednesday's decision.

How are you guys feeling now that the process is almost at it's completion?

David Turner, father of Myles Turner:

Oh, we're relieved, especially so that Myles can focus on the next things and get this thing done.

What are the final conversations centering around?

Just the same stuff that Myles has been thinking, what school does he think will help get him to developed for his ultimate goal of the NBA and getting him ready to be the best player that he can be and also compete for national championship and getting him ready for the next level. 

How do you feel that Myles experience went during the All Star games?

It wasn't as satisfying as he thought it would be but it was still an honor for him to be invited to play and to be considered among the best high school player. We're just glad at this point to be done with the high school side of his career and are moving on to a more advanced level of basketball to take on.

As you have moved towards the end of the process—what kinds of questions have you been asking of the coaches recruiting Myles?

Just like stuff like his development, the type of system they will be running and how will they best utilize Myles. 

What's your reaction to the media discussion of Myles and him playing alongside some of the other bigs at schools?

Of course there's value, he's not committed yet and so many programs have great bigs and I think Myles can fit in well with anybody. That's definitely beneficial to look at.

Were those types of questions asked and answered in your recent in-home visits with coaches regarding Myles playing alongside bigs in their programs and what that would look like?

Yes, they know how to make it work, that's why they are coaches and why they coach on the college level. Myles as another big, that's not the first time they would have done that, so, they've done it before and are ready to do it again and they are ready to win. That's all we want to hear. 

What kind of specifics if any were given by Coach Self and Coach K when discussing Myles potentially playing alongside Cliff and Jahlil?

They said that they could co-exist but I don't want to get into specifics of what they said, but they both said they feel like they can co-exist and they both have a plan and they both are great coaches. 

I'm curious, with Cliff and Jahlil at Kansas and Duke—do you think both would allow to play a similar position, or do you think he would play a different position and role alongside each guy?

I think it's similar, that's my personal opinion. Cliff and Jahlil, they both are incredible players and they can do a lot and so can Myles. Any organization that has a chance to coach that level of talent, I mean, they'd be fortunate.

There has been discussion around Myles playing alongside some of the bigs he played with and against in the various all-star games. How do their styles impact how Myles would play at the college level?

I think all those guys can play multiple positions, I don't think anybody is going to be pigeon-holed into one position, yeah Jahlil is more a true center, but I also see his face up game and it's not bad and I see Cliff's back to the basket game and he's a beast in there so, I think everybody can play multiple positions and Myles is the same way, he can play multiple positions as well. He can go back to the basket or he can step out and face the basket. I think it would be the coach's job to figure out how to best utilize the players. 

From an NBA perspective, what kind of development does Myles need to go through to prepare him to be an effective NBA player in your estimation?

Just the speed of the game, Myles has to get a little stronger like everybody and just be ready for the speed of the game, that's the main thing he will have to adjust to. 

How have you guys reacted to the recruiting conjecture that Myles is likely to stay closer to home?

As far as geography goes they are closer, but that's about the only advantage that they have, if you want to call that an advantage. These programs that Myles has an opportunity to talk to, it's incredible, Myles does not have a bad decision. I mean, who doesn't want to play for Coach K, who doesn't want to play for Bill Self, I mean, who doesn't want to play for Coach Ford? Myles has an incredible decision to make and whether he's a Longhorn or a Mustang, I mean a Pony, i'm sorry, it's going to be up to him, these are all top collegiate programs so, these last visits really helped and playing in these All-Star games really helped as far as giving him stuff to think about and Myles will do just that, he's going to think through everything and he'll decide who he wants to develop into.

What kind of things did they give you food for thought wise that really helped?

With playing with the guys in the practices which nobody outside of the scouts and the media saw, playing with them in the practices, they really helped mores than the games themselves, I mean, the games were what they were, kinda All-Star games, but the practices really helped Myles to get a real vision of playing alongside these guys. 

Did you sense a preference or comfort level forming with Myles and any of his teammates at the All Star Game practices ? Did he look more natural with anybody?

I felt he looked good with everybody, they played really well together, so nobody more than the other.

With the coaches, what did they bring out in the recent discussions that were helpful for you guys?

I think just how they would use Myles, we heard some things that we wanted to hear and their plans for Myles both on the court and with his degree because Myles is going to get his degree whether he's there for 2 or 3 years or if he's there for the whole ride. It was good to hear that they have a plan in place for that.

Those discussions about Myles's fit with their programs, were those a continuation of previous discussions with the staffs, or were those brand new conversations centered around new questions or thoughts you guys had for the coaches?

It was a little bit of both, they brought up some other factors that we didn't discuss on the official visits, but mainly it was just a continuation.

What sort of unanswered questions did you have for any of the programs who came in and did the recent in-home visits with you guys?

No unanswered questions, coaches are really confident and they covered everything, the family didn't have questions for them, but there were some things covered. 

How did you guys choose to structure the in-home visits?

We pretty much didn't meet in the house as during some of the visits my wife had to work and some of the visits I had to work, so we kinda did them at our work places and we sat around a roundtable and just talked to everybody. We're fortunate to have good jobs that we have flexible lunches and we were able to do the meetings with them during our lunch hours. We were able, it was a lot of shock and awe with our co-workers but we were able to have them kinda in a secluded area in our offices, and they were really great.

Fans are curious about what the kind of people these coaches are when you are interacting with them at that personal level, was there anything that stood out in those conversations with them?

Wow, I don't have a good answer for that, they are just regular guys, they are fortunate to be able to do what they are passionate about, to coach basketball and I"m a basketball head myself, so it was good to talk with them like that. They are very thoughtful guys.

Did you find yourselves pre-disposed towards any of the schools going into the in-home visits or was it you were trying to figure out how you really felt about schools by having those meetings?

You know, Myles thought he had his list narrowed down, but the in-home visits did change some things and it opened his eyes to other possibilities, so that's why we have to sit down and have these additional discussions.

How did the visits change things?

Just hearing, we knew what was offered before, but having played through these All-Star games and now hearing the coaches talk again, it's really just Myles has, he doesn't have a bad decision on the table, but he has a tough decision to make again in terms of who he wants to develop into. I think, the coaches did an incredible job just selling their programs and that's what makes this, difficult isn't the right word, it's just tougher because you don't want to make, he doesn't have a bad decision, but he doesn't want to make a mistake, so we're going to take our time and hopefully when Wednesday comes, Myles is going to be where he wants to be.

With the change in feelings you've mentioned, has Myles's feelings changed pretty dramatically with any of the schools who did in-home visits with him recently?

Not really, like I said, he just has a different perspective on all the schools now and he's going to take his time and go over again what we've been talking about. Like I said, he can't make a bad decision, it's just about making the right decision for him. 

Is it more important that he's a top option at the next level or is he looking to be a component player?

I think Myles will, wherever he steps in, the coaches are good enough to understand Myles's game and the spotlight will be shared no matter where he goes. A school like Texas with all the guys coming back and they had an incredible run last year, then you add a Myles to that. Then you look at Duke, who has 4 big time signees with Grayson Allen, Jahlil, Tyus and Winslow and then you add Myles to that mix, that's a great incoming class. Then you have Kansas with Cliff and Kelly and their returners and then you add Myles in the mix or you look at Nash returning at OSU and other guys returning from injury there and then you add Myles to that mix, Myles does not have a bad choice and then you have one of the best point guards right down the street with Emmanuel Mudiay, McDonald's All American Michael Frazier, he has a tough choice, and as a basketball head like I am, you understand that.

Since you got to see Mudiay and Tyus Jones in person, what's your thoughts on them as players and potentially how Myles plays with them, is either one a better fit for Myles?

They are two different types of point guards, Mudiay is definitely, he is more an attack point guard whereas Tyus is more a setup point guard and they both are very talented, they both have good vision, oh boy, it's pick your poison with both guys and they both know how to run an offense, that's what's impressive about them. Does Myles have a preference with other—not really, if he plays with a point guard that knows how to find his teammates, it's all good. 

So to follow up, neither of those guys presents any advantage in your mind for the style of play that Myles wants to play in college?

I don't think so, they both will help Myles and Myles will help them. Either one of them have the ability to really give great assistance to Myles in his college career.

Did any coaches in the in-homes have a unique presentation during your in-homes?

Not really, most of the in-home type stuff was really discussed during the official visits and all that stuff, this was more meat and potatoes and we got right to it.

The recent in-homes—were they setup with the coaches at your request, or vice versa?

They requested for them. As we got closer, once schools asked, we just made sure everybody had an opportunity to have their closing presentation. 

As you get closer to the 30th and Decision Day, is it just Myles, you and your wife having the final discussions?

Myles's personal trainer is an integral part of the process, so the 3 of us, him and Myles's sister are going to close doors and get this thing done.

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