One on one with Chase Jeter

After visiting Duke officially, Nevada power forward Chase Jeter's recruitment has slowed considerably. Some of that is due to injury, while some is a result of an injury. The five star prospect sat down with TDD recently to discuss it all.

Your dad mentioned you were going to the doctor, how are things going?

Chase Jeter: Yeah i'm working off an injury, just a minor injury. I get cleared this week. 

How's the recruiting process been going for you last few months?

It's been going good, i've just been talking with the coaches who are recruiting me and I shortened up the list to Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, Duke, Kansas and UNLV

What sparked the paring down of your list to a Top 6?

Just my comfort level with coaches, how I felt about certain programs. I've taken some unofficial visits and I was pretty comfortable with the schools recruiting me at this time and I felt ready to trim the list. 

What's the next step with your process?

I'm thinking i'm going to commit sometime before July, the timeframe i'm not exactly sure yet, I haven't set a date yet, but i'm expecting to do it before July. 

It seems like there's been an adjustment in your process in terms of when you are offering your commitment…..

Yeah, a little bit due to an injury, I kinda wanted to wait on things and make sure that it didn't affect things with the schools recruiting me, I wanted to make sure i'd be able to be at an event and play and have a little summer action underneath my belt before I made that decision.

Since the injury occurred, have any schools really ramped up or pared back their recruiting efforts with you?

I'd say the ones who have really stepped it up are Arizona, UCLA, UNLV and Duke. They are doing the same things in terms of texting more, calling more, showing up at events, at school, when the opportunity is available, things like that.

How have the in-home visits gone that you have had recently?

I had in-home visits with Arizona, UCLA and Oregon, which Oregon is another school that has stepped it up. Those were the 3 who did in-home visits with me. They talked about how they see me at their school, just trying to sell their programs, all types of things, location, power forwards they have put in the NBA, the history of their schools, all type of stuff like that, but mainly where they see me. 

Is there discussion that occurs during those in-homes that centers around your timeline towards a decision, or does that not come up?

It did with some schools, mainly the schools have asked about it are the ones that I told them about my timeframe. 

What schools have discussed with you what your current timeframe is with your decision?

Basically the ones in my list, all six of my list. I just let them know that they will know when I know when i'm comfortable with my decision and that I have my mind made up. 

Has any of the Top 6 asked you if you are considering pushing back your decision at all?


Shifting gears to Duke, you took your visit there several months ago—how has the recruiting process unfolded since then with them?

I talked to Coach K about once or twice a week. Coach Capel is my main recruiter, I talk to him four or five times out of the week. We discuss things that are not as much basketball related but things going on in our lives, stuff like that. 

Where do you think your relationship stands with them in light of that communication you are having with them?

I feel like I have a good relationship with Duke, I did take that official visit as a Junior and I did take unofficial visits to all the schools close by. With Duke being farther away, it was a bigger trip as a family, thats' why we decided to take an official visit out there and check it out to see what Duke is all about down there.

Some people say that because you took an early visit to Duke that that might be an indication of a strong degree of interest on your part with them, is that accurate?

Yeah, all the schools on my list are strong considerations. I mean I can see why people would infer why Duke was an early interest but I just feel like it was more a family decision because of how far away it was and how much closer the other places were to visit with UNLV, Arizona, UCLA and Oregon. We had already taken visits to those schools and Duke was an official because of how far it was. 

After the visit the recruiting buzz was that Duke was the leader for you, was that accurate?

Well, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I feel like that I get the most love from Duke fans in general, but I have great relationships with the coaches recruiting me, but my process is not done by any means. 

As you move forward in your process, what are you really evaluating about schools as you determine the best fit for you?

A definite factor is going to be where I can potentially play from the start and also my relationship with the coaches which I have great relationships with all the schools recruiting me, both with the head coaches and the assistant coaches. Basically it comes down to where I feel most comfortable at and I'll weigh out those decisions and those options when I feel the most comfortable with whatever school I choose.

With you clearly examining your playing time opportunities at schools, how much are you paying attention to the recruiting situation at schools and potential depth charts?

When it comes to playing time, it's not as far as depth charts and stuff, that's not a problem, I feel like I am more than capable of putting in the work to compete and to earn my role as a key player on the team. I don't really take too much into consideration in terms of depth chart and that's no disrespect to players at any school whether it's Arizona, UCLA, UNLV, Kansas, Oregon or Duke, I don't feel like depth charts are what i'm taking into consideration of when I think about schools, it's more a personal thing, work ethic, that type of thing.

Some bigs take the time to evaluate the kind of bigs that are already in a program to see how they potentially blend with them as players and so they can evaluate whether they will be able to play the style they want to alongside the other bigs in the program—are you looking at it from that perspective at all?

With all humility, not really because I feel like my skill level is different, it's higher than a lot of people. There's some guys, they are great motor players, I feel like my skill level is higher, so I don't take that into consideration, but that is not to disrespect anybody or any program. 

Have you built any good relationships with anybody at the schools on your top six or anybody that they are currently recruiting?

Yeah, I have ties with Oregon, I got guys from my school who went there, UNLV as well with some guys who go there who workout at my school. I talked to Aaron Gordon coming up, he declared for the draft and I've talked with him about Arizona. At Duke I talk to Rasheed and Jabari and Kansas, I haven't really had too much of a relationship with any of the players there just because i've never gotten the chance to meet them. UCLA, I talked to Shabazz about what his experience was like there. He told me about how what it came down to making his decision, what factors played a role, there's obviously different recruiting processes and his was definitely different from mine.

Do you feel it's important that you take any more visits before your decision?

No, now it's up to me when I'm ready to make the decision. 

Going back to your recent visits with schools, I'm curious, was there any reason why some of the schools didn't come in for in-home visits with you?

Who knows, honestly. To me, in-home visits aren't the make or break deal with schools because you see them all the time, you talk to them all the time, they go to your games and also, Duke, they came to my school about a week before home visits were happening, Kansas, I just talked to Kansas last week, they were up at my school, so it's not like I wasn't talking to them, they just didn't come to my house.

What did Duke and Kansas cover with you in your discussions at your school?

Basically it was just like a sit down setting, they weren't too big a deals, we didn't have dinner cooked just because we planned to have time with the coaches, whether they wanted to have dinner or not. There wasn't much difference besides the fact that we weren't in my home for those meetings, we all sat down, we had conversations. The difference between Duke, Kansas and UNLV is that they weren't in my home. We discussed similar things since i've developed relationships with the coaches there, we talked about life stuff, upcoming AAU stuff, where they see me fitting in at their school and how much they want me.

The in-home visits, were those done at your request or at the schools' request?

They requested them. With Duke I believe they asked us what we wanted to do in terms of a visit, Kansas I think said they were planning on coming to the school and UNLV wanted to but I think it was too late by that time because I was out of town on the weekends, that's why the UNLV one didn't work out. 

For the schools who requested an in-home with you, did they discuss why it was important to them that they visit you in your house?

To show how badly they want me I think. It means a lot, it shows their sincerity. 

Note: Later this week we will have part two of our sit down with Jeter and his parents.

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