EYB: Jayson Tatum talks package deal

Five star small forward Jayson Tatum continues to impress scouts, coaches, and his fellow players on the Nike EYBL circuit. Over the weekend the 6-foot-6 scoring wing had a chance to sit down with TDD to discuss the latest changes in his recruitment, his overall game, and much more.

How has the weekend gone so far?

Jayson Tatum: I'm feeling pretty good so far. In the game we just had, we played hard, just came up short at the end. 

How does it feel being one of the big name guys in both your class and also here at the event?

It's a honor just being respected like that but you still have to come out here and compete and continue to earn your spot while you are one of the best players. 

It's been reported previously that you and Harry Giles have discussed playing together in college, is that something you both are seriously considering?

We're very serious about it, and we still talk about it. It's something we'd like to do because we really like playing with each other and being around each other. We both think it'd be a good idea.

What is it about Harry that makes you want to play with him in college?

I think it's that he makes me look good and I make him look good at the same time when we play together. With him being a good big man and me as a big guard, we just feed off each other. 

It looks like you have been putting in some work in the gym, what have you been doing to grow stronger?

Just been working out in the weight room, conditioning a lot, after school and after the season, stuff like that.

Shifting gears to your recruitment, there's been some talk about the input you receive from guys like Brad Beal and others who have played both with the St Louis Eagles and your HS team, can you shed some light on just how much their input affects things for you in your consideration of schools?

It's just a learning experience really, they have been through already what i'm going through, so they mainly give me advice and on how to handle things on and off the court. 

Do any of them give specific counsel regarding schools recruiting you?

No, it's nothing like that. They let me have my own decision-making process, and they don't put too much pressure on me to go to the schools that they went to.

Duke's been involved for awhile it seems like in your recruitment, what's the interest been like the last few months with them?

Duke's been recruiting me very hard recently and they have offered me a couple of months ago. They have come to the gym and watched me practice several times and they have come watch me play several times too.

When Duke offered, timeframe wise, was it a big impact on your recruitment with the timing of the offer?

It was a very big deal, Duke's one of those big time programs that I watched growing up and you hope to get an offer from Duke and hope to play in that gym. All the great players that have come through there and have played in that gym, they have that history.

Where do you think you are comfort wise with Duke now that you've been building a relationship with them?

I have a good comfort level with Duke. I have a great relationship with both the assistant coaches and with Coach K as well. 

What's your thoughts on the conjecture that you are going to be hard to get out of the Midwest from a college perspective, do you agree or disagree with that line of thinking?

I disagree with that, I'm open to any school in any location. 

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