Duke battling Texas LB's "dream school"

Texas has always been a football recruiting hotbed, providing high major and sleeper prospects annually. For this linebacker, recruiting has begun to pick up and Duke is involved, but chasing a somewhat unexpected favorite.

"Right now I have received offers from Army, Air Force, and Lamar," said Woodlands (TX) High standout Corey Sanders. "Schools that are very interested in me are Duke, Utah, and Navy."

At 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds with a 4.6 time in the forty yard dash, Sanders projects as either a defensive end or a linebacker, depending on the program. For Duke he's projected as a linebacker, but the Blue Devils are, at the moment, most likely lagging behind a clear favorite in this recruitment.

"Army has been my dream school for a very long time, but I am still keeping my eyes open in this active segment of the recruiting season."

Keeping his eyes open will mean attending a number of camps - those in which the school has made enough of an effort to factor in as a major option. "I have made it a priority to attend a summer camp of each school that is heavily interested in me, so all of the schools that are listed above will be the schools which I attend a summer camp."

And will Duke make the cut? It's still to be determined, but Sanders remains in regular contact with the coaching staff.

"I have spoken to Coach Roper, Coach McGrath, and Coach Petri, and it was indicated that with a stand out performance at their camp their may be an offer in the future. The main selling point in my opinion is not only the education level of the school but also the fact that they are now a successful D1 football team and compete with some of the best teams in the nation because after all they are one of the best teams in the nation."

"They like my size and speed package mixed with my work ethic. They note that I am an aggressive and tough player and they say that is what they are looking for. They see that combining well with their own defense in the aspect of a hard working and talented team."

"They make sure players who aren't informed are aware of their success and if you are informed then you know that is definitely a positive aspect of possibly playing at Duke."

As far as returning to The Woodlands for his senior season, Sanders says he's looking forward to a final go-round in Texas, and knows what he's working towards.

"I am looking forward to tearing this last season of Texas High School Football up with my friends and teammates and making it the best season I have ever had. I will play strong side outside linebacker and also be used as a fourth defensive lineman if we need to change formation. I believe we already have a really good team, so as far as improvement each individual player needs to work their hardest to get better at their job and position over the summer to prepare themselves mentally and physically for this upcoming season. I have already informed them of the mindset I expect from them this season by having the mentality of always fighting for the man next to you and never ever giving up and I will do my best to be the prime example of that for my teammates."

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