USABB: One on one with Luke Kennard

Taking a break from the Nike EYBL circuit to attend the USA Basketball trials in Colorado Springs, future Blue Devil Luke Kennard had a chance to sit down with TDD at the event to talk about his summer, his recruitment of another five star 2015 standout, and much more.

How have you enjoyed the USA camp experience?

Luke Kennard: It's been terrific, I'm having a great time, and I'm building relationships with all these guys here and there are just some great guys here.

What has the competition level been like?

It's been great competition to play against and it's only making me better as a player, that's really what I came here for. I'm hoping to make the team, but no matter what happens, I'm thankful I've had the opportunity to come here and compete and just see what I need to work on. So far I've just been having a blast and I'm not ready for it to be over yet, but we'll see what happens.

Which guys have you been building a better relationship with at camp?

I've been hanging around the Duke guys that are here, guys like Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow, and some of their recruits like Chase Jeter. Actually, I've been talking with him a lot and I've also been hanging around Austin Grandstaff a lot, we've been buddies for awhile and he's going to Ohio State, that's the main guys I've been getting closer to and building relationships with.

Is there anything you've learned about Tyus and Justise that you didn't know about them before?

I don't know, they are really, really funny guys. They like to joke around and mess around and have fun a lot, they are both really funny and they are are a real joy to be around. I'm glad I get to have this experience with them.

You mentioned hanging out with Chase Jeter, your dad mentioned at Hampton EYBL that you and Chase were close after the visit (to Duke), is that still the case?

Yeah, we talk all the time. Here we've been talking a lot and I'm still on him about getting there to Duke with me, but he's kinda laying low with it right now. I like him a lot, I like the way he plays, and we definitely are keeping in touch.

Has he indicated anything to you that he's getting closer to a decision?

He hasn't yet, he really hasn't yet. I don't know what's going on in his mind with that yet, but I think, I'm hoping he has good thoughts about Duke right now. Like I said earlier, I'm on him to see if he wants to join me at Duke and we'll see what happens.

How does he respond to you discussing that with him?

He just tells me that he doesn't know for sure yet and he's keeping his options open for right now, but he did say he's kind of leaning towards a couple of schools, but I'm not sure which ones they are, and he won't give that information right now, but I'm trying to pull on him right now.

You mentioned getting better as a player at this Camp, what has the feedback been like for you from the coaches?

A lot of them are saying just be the player that you really are, they talk about not hesitating, and just shoot the ball when you have an open shot and to be a good teammate by making your teammates better, that's what they are really looking for.

As a player, playing here against this level of player is really going to help me when it comes to the next level in college, I'm excited about that. The coaches have been great and I've asked them what are some things that they have seen with me today and how I played and what kind of things can I focus on to get better these next few days and they just kept telling me, be the player that you are, we know you can shoot, be the player that you really are.

Coach K has a connection obviously with USA Basketball, have you had any recent conversations with him about you participating in this camp?

We talked today, actually. I told him about how the first session went this morning and he told me to keep it up. He hasn't really said anything about the team or anything with this, I don't think he knows yet as he's talking with the coaches here about it. He's just been telling me to keep working hard and that's why I'm there.

How has the relationship been building with you and the Duke staff?

It's been going good. I talk with Coach Scheyer the most probably, he's just a real normal person, real down to earth. We've been talking a lot about this camp and before I even came to this camp, we talked about preparation for the camp and stuff. I've been keeping in contact with them and I'm looking forward to getting there, I've still got a year left of high school, but I can't wait to get down there and I keep in contact with them.

Are you making any visits to campus during the summer?

Right now, I'm going to the Kevin Durant Camp, that's one for sure. And, however this USA team goes, if I don't make it, then I'm thinking about the NBA Top 100 Camp and if I do make it, then that camp is probably a no-go. I'm also with the LeBron camp, I'm kinda leaning on whether I want to go to that or not, I think I want to go, we'll see if I go to that. Right now, the one that's for sure is the KD Camp.

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