USABB: One on one with Justise Winslow

The final commitment from the class of 2014 may end up being the most versatile player of the group for Coach K. We sat down with Justise Winslow while he's in Colorado for the Team USA camp to discuss his role and his final pre-Duke events.

Overall, how is the camp going for you?

Justise Winslow: It's going great, and I'm having a lot of fun out here.

This isn't your first time playing for Team USA is...

Yeah, me and Tyus and a few others are definitely the older guys, the veterans. The communication has been great with the guys here, we all want to get better and learn and just follow instructions.

Have you had a chance to meet your future teammates or talk to some of the other guys about the next level?

No, not really, in Colorado we're just on a mission to win a gold medal for our country. I'm not really here to try and recruit guys to come to Duke or anything like that. I'm just worried about the gold medal to be honest.

What's it like not having Jahlil there?

A little different because he's been on the USA teams that I've been on, so it's not as familiar. But, there's other guys here that I know, but I definitely miss not having Jahlil here.

What's your summer schedule looking like?

I report to Duke on June 28 for the second summer session, and I'm really looking forward to getting there.

Anything in particular?

Really, just to being a part of the team and getting to know every one and working out and building that team chemistry.

How's the communication been with the Duke staff?

It's been great, we talk just as much as we did before I committed, that relationship is still as strong as its ever been, and it is still there.

How has it evolved as you went from prospect to commit to signed?

A lot, really. They opened up more and they have opened up their families more to me and that's been great.

Have they indicated or projected you in any particular role?

Just wherever I can fit in to start. They recruited me to be a versatile player at Duke, but they sure didn't promise any playing time or anything like that. Just like everybody else, you just have to go in there, earn your playing time and that's it.

There's a lot of talk about your potential capabilities to be a defensive stopper for this Duke team, is that a part of the plan you have going in to try and carve out a role?

I think our whole team is going to have to go in with that mindset. I think we all need to take that personally when opponents score on us. So, both as a team and individually, we're going in to be the best team defensively that we can be.

The college game is about matchups, do you foresee your skillset translating in a way that has you moving all over the floor?

Yeah, a lot of times in game situations, teams may go small for free throw shooting, but I think I'll mainly guard the wing guys. However, maybe in late game siutuations, or with foul trouble, or when we need free throw shooting, I may be guarding guards or even fours. I can see that situation happening.

Aside from the big adjustment to the college game, do you have any personal goals for your first year in Durham?

Yes, I really want to do well in all my classes.

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