NBA Camp: One on one with Udoka Azubuike

One of the newer names on the recruiting trail is Jacksonville (Fla.) standout Udoka Azubuike, a 6-foot-10 center who has caught the attention of the Blue Devil coaching staff in a big way. We spoke with Azubuike about Duke's interest and more.

How are you adjusting to all the attention coming your way on the recruiting front Udoka?

Udoka Azubuike: Yes, it's amazing, I didn't expect this at this point, and I've just played hard. I'm from Nigeria and I moved here like two years ago. I came here for school, I'm at the Potters House in Jacksonville.

Who is helping you through the recruiting process?

They call my coaches, they call my family members and the coaches. I've been busy lately, and so I didn't get a chance to talk with my coaches or my family because I just came back from the Nike Elite 100. Then the next day I was getting ready to come here. When I went home, I spoke with the coach, the head coach at Kentucky and he told me more about the program and he told me that they had interest in me as a player.

Did Coach Calipari from Kentucky tell you they are offering you a scholarship?

Yeah, he was telling me about the school and he said it would be a good place for me to go to.

It was reported that Duke reached out to you, is that accurate?

My coach and the assistant from Duke talked, but I didn't talk with them yet. They are trying to get me to talk to them and maybe after this camp, I might be talking with them soon.

Did your coach tell you what the Duke coach said to him?

Yeah he said that they had offered me and they really want me and that I would be the best fit for the program. He said they offered me a scholarship. My coach also said that Kentucky and Kansas I think had given offers.

How much were you into basketball before you moved here two years ago?

I wasn't used to college basketball. I watched a few times of NBA games, but I came here to America and I started watching college basketball more and really enjoying it, it was nice.

Fitting in at college, are you wanting to be a back to the basket style center?

I see myself as a center, a true center. Most of the big men, they like to shoot 3s, but I just like being a true center, posting to the basket, commanding the basketball and then finishing right there.

Did you play basketball from an early age, Udoka?

No, I only started playing like eight months before I came here to America. I had a coach back there who started coaching me back then, but when I came here, that's when I started playing more basketball.

What's it like for you hearing from schools like Duke and Kentucky and Kansas and others?

It's just like a dream come true, to get letters from big schools like Kansas, Duke, Kentucky and talking to the coach of Kentucky, it's just awesome. My dream is coming true, now it's just go.

What's the next steps in your recruiting process?

No, I'm not sure yet, still have games to play.

Based on who you have heard from or watched from college, are there any schools you really like?

Yeah, I watch a lot, but I like watching Duke basketball. I like watching Duke play, and I like watching Kentucky, Kansas play, it's nice. It was amazing what Duke did, they have an amazing program, Coach K, he's an amazing coach and it's a great program.

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