NBA Camp: One on one with Chase Jeter

He was rumored to be close to committing and now things seem to have been moved back. So what's the latest with Chase Jeter? We sat down with the five star big man to find out.

You are a popular guy here at camp, what's been your thoughts on being one of the more highly known guys here?

Chase Jeter: It's an honor, but I know I have a target on my back and it's an opportunity for me to continue to go out there and prove myself and keep going hard and improving myself each game.

What was the USA Basketball experience like for you?

Good, I had a lot of fun there, obviously i'm a little disappointed there that I didn't make the team but you know it was a great learning experience and it was a great opportunity to help the National Team win a gold medal. I'm very confident with how I played and with the style of play here now.

Are you experiencing any of the recruiting from player to player that can sometimes occur in camps like this?

Not yet, we just starting to get into the swing of things, I'm sure it will probably happen, but it hasn't yet.

How have you reacted to the media discussion about your recruitment and the timeline associated with it?

I was set to do it before July, but that's obviously changed. I'm thinking now about doing it at the end of the summer and make sure I make the best decision for myself and for my family.

Luke Kennard mentioned from USA Basketball Camp that he heard that you were feeling "a couple of schools" which is a departure from what is commonly discussed that you appear to have a "leader"...

Yeah definitely, I really like Arizona and Duke and UCLA and UNLV, they have come at me the hardest ever since I trimmed my list, so I feel like those 4 schools are competing and at this point it's really about where I feel most comfortable.

When you say "competing", what do you mean by that?

I have great relationships with all of them, it's not necessarily a competition with them, I have great relationships with all the coaches at those schools, I just keep good relationships with them every day and keep talking to them and then I take it from there and wherever I feel the most comfortable, that's what I'll go with.

What's your thoughts on all the discussion that Duke is your favorite, Duke's where you are likely going to end up, do you like or dislike that kind of discussion?

It's fine, people are going to make predictions at the end of the day, but in all humility, it's about me and where i'm most comfortable is where i'm going to end up. I don't really feed into what people say or predict or Crystal Ball or any of that. I feel at the end of the day is where I feel most comfortable.

What went into your decision to slow down your commitment timeframe Chase?

Just didn't want to go too fast, I talked to some players in the 2014 class who are already committed and they gave me some advice, so I just really want to make sure that I make the best decision for myself and that i'm not rushing into anything and I want to talk over everything with my family and make sure I make the right decision.

Has there been any information shared recently in discussions with coaches that is giving you food for thought in your decision making process?

Just kinda like who else they are looking to recruit and what other guys certain schools are looking to bring where I could see myself fitting in with their program and also how I see myself fitting in, that plays a role along with guys that are already there, teaming up with guys who might not be out in 1 year or guys who will be there for longer than a few years, looking at depth charts, stuff like that.

I've heard of schools asking high priority guys like yourself if they are ok with them recruiting another similar player, has that happened with you and any of the schools in your final list?

Yeah, I say Arizona has asked that, Arizona has, UNLV, Oregon and UCLA have asked, they all have kinda asked me that question so they could see what my thoughts were.

What's been your feedback to those questions, especially if they involve other top post players they might be looking at?

I mean, I'm a competitor at heart, so once we get there, if that guy is my teammate, he's my teammate. i'm open to playing with different players but that depth chart is going to play a role but once I get to college, it's not going to be easy and no matter who is there, you just gotta go hard.

From a depth chart perspective, are you wanting to go in as the 4 at a school and play alongside an established, physical center, or is that irrelevant in your evaluation?

I'm going in knowing I'm a basketball player and with my skill set, I can do different things and I can use my game to stretch the offense, be a defensive presence, run the floor, grab rebounds, my game I feel is very versatile and I can do different things and not just be in one specific spot but being a basketball player in general.

Watching games on tv, do you feel there are any schools on your list that do a good job with versatile bigs in their system like yourself?

I liked the development that UCLA and Kansas had with their big guys, their 4s and 5s, I definitely saw steady improvement from them throughout the season and especially from the previous season.I've definitely seen the progression with UCLA players and Kansas players from their first years, guys like Kyle Anderson, Tony Parker and Perry Ellis and other schools, they all have great skill development, but I feel like those two stood out more.

How much are you paying attention to the upcoming NBA Draft? Does that play a role in your evaluation of schools?

Yeah, when it comes to that, you definitely want to have great representation from a school, but that aspect comes down to the person. A lot of things go into the drafting of a person as a lottery, top pick guy if they are high character, high quality guys who aren't into drugs or alcohol, that's a reflection of the university but more on the player himself.

How have you responded to Luke Kennard talking to you about joining him at Duke?

I just gotta take my time is what I tell him, I gotta make my choice and he respects that, wherever I go, I just gotta take my time and he respects that.

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