NBA CAMP: Dorsey and Duke again?

Several months ago Duke had offered Tyler Dorsey, an explosive guard from the class of 2015. Dorsey then committed to Arizona before reopening his recruitment. So, will the Blue Devils reach out again? We spoke to the prospect for the latest.

What sparked the desire for you to de-commit and open your recruiting process back up?

Tyler Dorsey: I jumped the gun a little bit too quick and committed too early without taking any visits, I just committed too early for me and I just wanted to open things back up and take my time.

What were your discussions like with your family as you evaluated opening your recruitment back up?

That was it right there, trying to open my options and really weigh things and take my time this time and get a lot of background information that I didn't know last time as I figure out what's a good fit.

What's going into deciding what's a "good fit"—is it evaluating the guard situation at schools or is it something different?

Yeah, it's looking at the guard situation, see who is going to stay, who is leaving, who are they recruiting in my class to bring in with me, things like that, their system, how they would use me in it and the relationship with the coaches and education wise.

Duke's a school that was recruiting you before your Arizona commitment, has there been any new communication with them since you opened things back up?

I haven't got a call from them yet.

Are you hoping to hear from them since they recruited you before, or are you just taking the calls as they come?

I'm not hoping, whoever calls me, calls me, that's the way it goes.

From what you described before your commitment, Duke was involved a little bit in your recruitment, is that correct?

Yeah, they were recruiting me with Wojo, he was heavily recruiting me, he came up to my school, he talked about how they would use me, so they were heavily recruiting me but then when I committed to Arizona, they backed off. I haven't gotten a call from them since then. 

What's your thoughts on the potential situation at Duke if they do reach out to you in the future?

I'm gonna be highly interested but i'm going to have a lot of options though. I would be highly interested though with Duke, especially with this next recruiting class, you never know, with guys like Tyus Jones, he might stay another year.

Is that a potential concern for you if Duke starts recruiting you?

Not really because wherever you go, somebody is probably going to be there, I just feel like the right situation, the best fit because minutes do matter at the end of the day.

Wherever you go to school Tyler, are you going in with the mindset of being a point guard, or do you go in open to the idea of playing alongside a point guard off the ball?

I want to do both, I want to play both the point guard or the shooting guard, I want to go in with a two-guard tandem.

There's talk about your game that in college you need to play point in terms of your projection into the NBA position wise, is that something that's important to you?

Yeah I agree with that, at the end of the day unless I get to 6'6, I don't see myself running the shooting guard, at the next level I think point guard would be best with my draft stock. I could score as well, as you see right now with all the scoring point guards, they are all in the league right now with guys like Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, they can score and be playmakers.

So for schools who may either have a point guard there or might be recruiting a point guard in the class after you, how much do you see that affecting your evaluation of a school for your fit there?

I could play with anybody in the country, so that doesn't affect me in my recruitment. 

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