NBA CAMP: Seventh Woods quick hitter

The South Carolina scoring guard sits down with TDD to update our subscribers on the latest with him.

How's the camp been so far for you?

Seventh Woods: It's been pretty good, the competition has been great. I really can't complain about that.

What's your thoughts about being here with fellow top 2016 guards Dennis Smith and Kobi-Jordan Simmons and being considered as one of the top guards in that class?

Yeah we are some of the top guards in the class and we're just trying to have more offers, more attention, just trying to make a name for ourselves. There's never enough, you can always continue working on being the best. I just go out and play hard and play my game, that's all i really can control.

There's discussion about whether or not you and Kobi and Dennis could play together in college—what's your thoughts on that?

Well, if either one of us fits together at a school then whatever happens, happens.

Also with ideal fit for you role wise in college, is it better in your estimation for you to go into college as a point guard or a combo guard who scores?

I'd be a pure point guard. My main flaw as a point guard is being vocal, so that's all I'm trying to do on the court is get better at talking.

What schools recruiting you have really caught your attention?

Every school recruiting me has caught my attention, it's a blessing and an honor to be recruited. June 15 i was talking with North Carolina, Duke, Texas, Kansas and Baylor.

Who called you from the Duke staff?

Coach K did. He just told me to keep working hard.

Since you visited Duke before how much of a relationship have you built with them?

Just a little bit, I visited them for Midnight Madness and that was really my first time meeting them. Coach K is one of the best coaches in the world, it's always been one of the top programs in the country. I'm open to all schools at this point.

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