NBA CAMP: One on one with Edrice Adebayo

The class of 2016 seems to be heavy on taken in the state of North Carolina. One of the top forwards in the country in among the crop of players pulling in high major interest and has heard from Duke. We spoke with Bam Bam Adebayo about that and more.

How are you holding up ? How has been Camp been going for you?

Edrice Adebayo: Yeah it's been wear and tear on everybody's body, but we are just fighting through it.

It's obvious that you play hard each and every game, no matter who you are going up against. Where does that motivation come from?

I'm trying to get the #1 spot, so whomever I'm playing I know they are trying to fight for the same thing I'm fighting for, so it's always very competitive.

What were your favorite match ups this week at Camp?

I'd have to say Ben Simmons, Udoka Azubuike, Cheick Diello.

What did you learn about yourself this week, both as a person and a player?

I just gotta to go harder than I've been going and I need to have a high motor every game, be explosive and even shoot a couple mid-range shots every game. Help my team win is the big thing.

How has recruiting been going for you the last week with the calls starting to come to you on the 15th?

It's been good, they have been calling me a lot and i didn't even know that I had that much exposure. It was like i didn't know i was that known throughout the United States.

What schools really grabbed your attention with the calls you received from them?

Kansas, Wake Forest, Iowa State and Duke.

What was it about Duke that caught your attention when they called?

It was kinda a shock because I never knew Duke had interest in me. Like I know they like guys that can shoot 3-pointers but I can work on becoming a good shooter, I just need to make it like one of my moves.

Who called you from the Duke staff?

I think it was Coach Capel. He was telling me that I'm a very good player with a very good and high motor and I just need to keep working hard. It was a good experience.

Has that been the only contact between you and Duke?

I went there for a visit one time. That was last year. You know how all the recruits go in one room when you are there? I was in the room with some other recruits before the game and we talked a little with the coaches.

What's your thoughts on them as a program?

I think they are a really good school with a really great atmosphere and they just go hard every day.

Being a local guy, you have had interest from UNC and NC State for quite awhile is that correct?

Yes, it goes way back for all of them because everybody i knew was either Duke, Carolina or NC State fans so I didn't know who to root for at first. It's kinda difficult but whenever they play, I just want to see the game and whoever wins, I'm happy for them.

Do you have a favorite school out of NC State, Duke or UNC ?

No, I don't have any favorites.

There's a lot of fan discussion about you that feels that you are North Carolina's to lose in terms of your college choice—what's your thoughts on that?

I think that's really not true because they can't make my decision for me. My decision will be made my senior year, we'll see how that goes.

What are you evaluating about schools as you figure out what's a good fit for you?

The main thing is education, if their education is not good I can't go there. I'm trying to major in physical therapy, I just like being around sports.

With NC State, are they recruiting you really hard?

They talk to my coach so i'm not sure there. He's back home, I don't know if they have been talking to him recently.

What's your thoughts on their program?

Yeah I like them, I like everything about their program including their red in their jerseys, it's just really red you know? You walk in there, it's like a bull in a china shop, everything is just really red and I like that.

Do you have any visits lined up this summer?

I'm not sure, my coach usually takes care of that.

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