NBA CAMP: Cody Riley quick hitter

One of the emerging talents in the class of 2017 is California power forward Cody Riley, who spoke with TDD about his early recruitment and his visit to Duke.

So when did you get your start playing basketball, Cody?

Cody Riley: Well, my dad played it at a small college, D2 so it's always been in my family. Then it started from there.

How's the experience been for you here as one of the younger guys in the camp?

It's been great, I always enjoy playing up against older guys because it's a different level of speed and it makes me get better.

Obviously your recruitment is still at an early stage, do you have any schools that are already starting to show interest?

Yeah i have offers already from UCONN, Kansas, Arizona State, Arizona and USC. I have interest from Duke and I actually took a visit there, UCLA, Cal, NC State, all over the country.

When did you visit Duke?

I think it was last summer or the summer before that, i'm not sure.

What sparked your interest in going to visit Duke?

Well, I was actually in the area for a Chris Paul Camp so i just figured i'd go visit NC State and Duke. I spoke with one of the assistant coaches at Duke when I was on campus, I don't remember his name. They have made contact with my coach as well since then.

What are your early thoughts on their a program?

They have a great history, I like it a lot and as I move forward it'll just depends on the type of relationship that I have with the coach.

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