Rabb will make own decision

Ivan Rabb is aware of the rumors he is going to Arizona, but does not pay a lot of attention to them. Read on to see what he says about those rumors and more.

Ivan Rabb wants to be the best player in the country and he is helping that process along by playing against the top players in the country this summer.

“I like competing against the best because it brings out the best of me,” Rabb said. “It makes me work and that is really fun for me because I like to show everybody I can play hard and when I do, good things happens.”

Rabb has gotten to where he is at through hard work and the ability to improve in numerous areas of his game.

“I think I have gotten stronger and my basketball I.Q has risen,” Rabb said. “I have learned how to read things better. I think I have become a better defender by staying down on my feet. I have become good at a lot of areas, but I am trying to take my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.”

Recruiting has certainly not slowed down for Rabb, but the five-star forward has been able to handle it better.

“It is not as hectic as it was at one time because coaches have learned about me,” he said. “They learned that I like to text more than I like to talk on the phone and once they learned that it made the process easier on my family and I.”

In addition, Rabb has learned how to handle the assumptions that he is Arizona bound simply because he is an Oakland Soldier.

“I used to get irritated because people automatically assumed I was going to Arizona, but I am my own man,” he said. “If that happens to be the right program for me, that is where I will go. I am weighing my options and I do want to go visit.”

Rabb was able to watch Arizona this past season, which is a big reason why he wants to visit.

“I always watch them play. They like to run and feed the big guys inside and they normally have good point guards, so that is what I like about them,” he said.

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