Rabb talks Duke offer; plans to cut list

Now claiming offers from each of the final seven schools on his list, California power forward Ivan Rabb is free to move forward with his recruitment. He spoke about the impact of the most recent Duke offer, as well as his goals at the ongoing Team USA Camp in Colorado Springs.

How are you doing at USA Camp on your first day?

Ivan Rabb: I’m doing good, how are you?

Doing well, in speaking with your mom yesterday she indicated some new developments with your recruitment.

What did she share ?

She mentioned you and her had a fairly recent conversation with Coach K at Peach Jam.

Yeah, definitely, definitely. That went really, really well. We were just being honest with each other about how we felt about each other, and the position we were both in, and how we were on the same page. Then after that, the scholarship offer came in. He offered me at LeBron Camp, I was playing pretty well there and he called me and he offered me on the phone.

How did it feel for you personally to have the Duke offer now?

It was exciting to get that final offer that I really wanted, especially because I knew I had to earn it from him.

How does that final offer impact your recruitment?

They are definitely in the mix now, before they were on the bubble, but now I can go there if I want to. It’s such a great program, they are definitely now in the mix.

Do you have any thoughts on the timing of the Duke offer relative to when you received the other offers of your current list of schools?

It would have been nice to maybe have it a little earlier, but Duke is one of those programs that doesn't really extend a lot of offers out and the ones they do, they give them to guys they really think they can get to come to their school and they stick with them. At first I was kinda getting down on myself, but now, it’s a great experience and I’m happy about having the offer.

From your perspective-what’s the communication been like between you and Coach K since that happened?

Every since I met him, we have just been really honest with each other. He’s telling me whenever I am improving on an aspect of my game, he’ll definitely tell me that. There are things that are on the table in our conversations and I definitely would say that we’re comfortable with each other.

Moving forward, you have a list of 7 now-is that the final list for you?

Yeah, it’s somewhere around there, I’m not exactly sure. I’m planning on cutting it soon though.

Any idea on how soon?

Probably after USA Basketball, I’m not sure yet though...I'm still trying to decide.

How have the conversations been going with Malik and Diamond so far at camp?

We talk a lot, we always talk about a lot of different schools because we all have schools on our list that we’re considering that we all may not be considering. It’s definitely a possibility that we may go to school together, but we’re not 100% for sure yet on that. They are definitely talking to me about playing together, but they should be doing that, we’re all friends.

Are you likely to sign in the early period in November Ivan, or it is looking more likely you will be a Spring decision?

When I know where I really want to go then I’ll make the decision, but right now I think I’m looking at the Spring.

How much are you going to pay attention to which guys go pro next year in the NBA Draft as it relates to your decision?

That definitely is something I’ll have to think about because some of those guys might play the same position as I do, but I think anywhere I go I can make an impact and get minutes right off the bat.

In closing, what does it mean to you to be competing for a team that’s going to travel to Dubai and represent the United States?

It’s huge to me, it’s a real big honor especially since I was on it last year. There’s no guarantee that I’m going to make it this year, so I’m just going to be hungry and humble and ready to play and ready to play well every time I step on the court. I think if I do those things, I’ll be in good shape. I’m really hoping to make the team.

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