Smith talks USA Camp experience; recruiting

Though his first experience in the Team USA program didn’t go as planned, five star guard Dennis Smith says he learned a lot. He spoke about that and his recruiting stock’s continued rise, as well as the latest developments in his process.

You were a newer addition to the USA U17 Camp, what has your experience been like so far?

Dennis Smith: It’s great, it’s a lot of good players out here and they are playing at the high level that I expected. It’s different because we’re up in Colorado physically for me, we’re up in the altitude here so getting used to it is a little bit different. It’s my first ever experience doing this but i’m excited about being here and i’ve tried to play it cool so I can play well.

Are you good friends with many guys going into this Camp?

Yeah a lot of them, V.J. King used to stay in Charlotte, Seventh Woods, Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum. We’ve been hanging out a good amount but we haven’t really been talking about recruiting much, just a little bit.

When you did discuss recruiting with them—what came up?

We just talk about what schools are recruiting all of us and how we would fit best.

In the end run are you likely to be a player that goes to the same college with a few friends in the same class?

Possibly, i’d say it’s about a 60 percent chance right now. Whoever returns to the school at their position and it’s their senior year, that’ll be a big difference. We just gotta see how everything pans out.

Is it a big consideration for you in your evaluation of schools who they are recruiting at the guard positions?

Not really because I have almost every school I need except for Kentucky. Whatever school is recruiting other guys I’m not really concerned about it. 

Can you elaborate on what you are looking for with Kentucky?

I Just have a lot of prestigious schools on me that have offered me scholarships like Carolina, Duke, NC State, Florida, Arizona, it’s a long list but I don’t have interest from Kentucky.

Fair to say you are hoping for Kentucky interest?

Definitely. Kentucky is known to produce great guards and I’m pretty sure that every guard wants interest from Kentucky. 

In your opinion Dennis, is Kentucky the best school at producing guards?

I’m not going to say all that, but they are known for having good guards.

With the schools that have offered you early on in your process-does that have a big impact on you in your consideration of colleges?

I think that it will make other schools pick up in their recruitment of me.

Are there any schools recruiting you that are telling you that you are their #1 point guard priority over other guys?

Yeah, every school in North Carolina but that’s about it. It’s a big deal because it shows a sign of respect. I talk with those schools at least three times a week, every one of them. I’ve been talking with head coaches and assistant coaches from all the schools in North Carolina.

What’s your relationship like with the Duke staff?

I’m real close with the Duke staff, I talk and text with them every week and we joke around about stuff. They tell me that i’m their guy and they want me to come in and be their point guard. 

How would you characterize the status of your recruitment Dennis ? Any leaders?

Everything is open right now. I’m going to take some visits, a lot more during the season and I’m going to be looking forward to official visits as well. 

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