One on one with Harry Giles

After spending a year recovering from a knee injury, Harry Giles is closing in on the form that made him the nation’s top rated player in the class of 2016. He spoke about that and his relationship with the various coaching staffs including the Blue Devils with TDD at the Team USA Camp in Colorado Springs.

How’s the camp been?

Harry Giles: It’s been great, lot of competition and a lot of fun at the same time.

What’s it like being there as a veteran of USA Basketball?

It’s good, you already know what to expect and I’m just going out and not taking it for granted. Mainly I just know what to expect with how competitive it is here. 

How have you felt playing with coming back from the injury and preparing for this camp?

I felt like i’ve played pretty well while still dealing with my struggles. Yesterday I didn’t play my best but today I came back stronger and I think i played good.

In talking with guys at the camp about who they are good friends with—your name comes up a lot. What’s that like for you knowing how high a regard fellow campers hold you in?

It’s great, it’s a great compliment because I’m just cool with everybody, you know? On and off the court, I try to be a great friend to everybody and I keep in contact with everybody that’s a friend. Even when I got hurt, I made sure to stay positive and tell guys to stay positive and keep working hard. I have a great relationship with a lot of guys and everybody is cool out here.

Who helped you the most would you say with words of encouragement and support as you recovered from your injury?

Really honestly man it was everyone. Everyone that I’m really close with and that’s around me told me great things and that kept me solid and kept my base good. I just appreciate that from everyone.

What’s it like for you knowing you are competing for a chance to play for the US in Dubai?

It’s amazing even just being out here playing, you know? To me, it’s just an honor to have the opportunity because if it wasn’t for USA Basketball I probably wouldn’t even go out of the country. I’m just thankful for the opportunity. 

What are your parents thoughts on that potential opportunity for you?

Yeah, my mom is actually here and she’s real excited for me and she loves everyone out here with the coaches, the players, just everybody. She thinks it’s such a great thing for us because of how hard we have to work to make it.

Is she talking with a lot of the parents there of players in the camp?

Oh yeah, she’s cool with everybody. Most parents here are real cool and they know we’re amongst brothers. 

Do your mom and dad take an active role with your recruitment Harry?

Oh yeah for sure. At the end of the day it’s going to be my decision but they still tell me what kind of vibe they get from the coaches and they support me. They think everything is cool but they know at the end of the day that it’s my decision. 

Since June 15, who has been in constant communication with you personally colleges wise?

Just about everybody has been the same, everybody is doing a good job.

How do you respond to the discussion out there about your recruitment especially when it comes to schools people think are in the lead?

I see it but I don’t pay attention to it too much. It’s interesting to follow I guess.

Do you think it’s going to be a very serious consideration for you to play together with guys like Jayson Tatum and others in college?

Yeah i think so, we are talking about it and it’s in consideration but it’s still up in the air at this point. 

Is there a point in time you think you two will get to where you make the decision whether you are deciding together where to go to school?

No, I just take things day by day. We’ll probably talk about it a lot and see how we feel about it.

Are you lining up any visits right now for after the summer is over?

Yeah I’ll probably take some but i’m not sure where at this point. I gotta figure out what i’m going to do.

How’s the communication been lately with Duke?

Oh yeah it’s been good, I talk to them all the time. I talk to them every week. I talk with everybody from the staff, Coach K, Coach Capel, Coach Scheyer. I talk with everybody from there. It’s a great relationship with them, I really enjoy talking with them and I have a great vibe with them as coaches. 

Is that typical for you to talk with all the coaches from staffs at schools recruiting you? I talk with every assistant coach from different schools but with the head coaches sometimes it’s them following up on what their assistants say. 

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