Diamond Stone taking a slow approach

Early on Duke was heavily involved with the nation’s top big man in the class of 2015, Diamond Stone. With the summer beginning to wind down, are the Blue Devils still under consideration? Stone spoke on that and more at the Team USA Camp.

How’s the summer been going for you?

Diamond Stone: It’s been going well but I’m actually injured right now. I pulled my groin Saturday. I’m just trying to get better and I haven’t been practicing, just been meeting with the trainer and getting pool workouts in, stuff like that. I’ve just been trying to get treated to get back to 100%. 

Off the court, how has it been going?

Yeah me, Ivan, and Malik are roommates so we talk all the time and we’re just best friends, so we talk all the time even with things up in the airs with schools. We’re not sure yet whether we are going to play together.

What’s the approach you are taking in discussing schools with Ivan and Malik?

First of all, you have to worry about yourself so I think what’s best for me may not be what’s best for Ivan or Malik. We are all looking at as what is the best choice for each of us. 

Who would you say is recruiting you the hardest over the past few months?

Pretty much everybody to be honest with you. Pretty much anybody you can name has been putting a lot of pressure on my mom, my dad to try and get me to take visits.

Have you and your parents lined up any visits anywhere?

No not yet. It’ll probably be late summer we may have some visits but I start school on August 18, so we don’t want anything to interfere with that. 

Are you likely to take all your official visits in the fall/winter?

Hopefully yes, I think so. 

Are there any schools in your mind that you really want to visit-either unofficially or officially?

No not yet, I haven’t decided that.

Are you having any conversations on your own with coaches recruiting you?

No not really, I don’t get involved too much, it’s all my mom, my dad and my coach. 

Have any of them told you if Duke is expressing any interest in you?

Yes, actually Coach K has come to my school a few times during my junior year, around basketball season, but not anything recent. Duke’s a good school, they produce pros and they teach guys how to be better players and better people after basketball, like with how to manage your money and be a good person.

Is that a school you are likely to seriously consider for your college choice? I’m actually not sure about any school that i’m going to seriously consider yet. 

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