Juwan Durham talks Duke; recruiting

A strong spring and summer campaign has propelled Juwan Durham onto the Duke recruiting radar in a big way. He’s been competing at the Team USA Camp over the last week and sat down with TDD to discuss recruiting and more.

Sounds like your trip to Team USA Camp was an adventure…

Juwan Durham: Yeah but the camp has been going well. In getting here they changed my flight like four times and then after awhile they just told me that somebody had called and given me a new flight and that was cool. The competition here has been really good, with so many guys here I’ve been getting better going up against them. It’s pretty overwhelming just knowing I’m here and I’ve got the opportunity to compete to go to Dubai, I’m just really thankful for that.

What have you learned about yourself as a player in this Camp so far?

I learned I need to get a lot stronger, work hard in the weight room. In college i’d like to play the three and four and I know I’ll be asked to play down low some too. 

How was it competing in front of the college coaches today?

I’m pretty used to it now, the main thing is keep a high motor and keep playing hard. I see the coaches but I don’t try to change my demeanor just because they are there. I just try to be myself and show them who I am.

Which schools would you say are making it a real priority to be at your games?

I’d say Duke, Louisville, Florida, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, schools like that.

Who have you noticed from the Duke staff at your games?

Coach Scheyer. I talk with him from time to time. Their interest has been pretty good because they call my parents all the time and I speak with them from time to time.

Have you had the opportunity to talk with Coach K yet?

No, not yet.

What are your thoughts on Duke as a program and school?

They are really good and I really like their style of play and it’s also a really good academic school. 

Out of the schools recruiting you, are there any you are hoping to receive a scholarship offer from before you narrow your list down?

No not really, I just take it school by school. Whatever schools offer me I’m thankful for. I’m not really focused on that too much at this point, just thankful to have the interest from schools that I do have it from now.

Do you and your parents have a plan in mind for your process?

The main thing my parents have told me is not to worry about it too much, they can talk with the coaches and just keep playing and competing and showing what you can do. 

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