Duke building strong relationship with No. 1

He’s rated as the best player in the class of 2016, and Jayson Tatum may also be the best high school player in the country. That’s why he has every program in the country chasing him including the Blue Devils who have made strong early strides in his recruitment. Tatum spoke of that relationship and the Team USA events with TDD.

How has the Camp been going for you?

Jayson Tatum: It’s been going real well, i was a little sore after this practice but we’ve got one more practice tomorrow before the cuts are made. 

Note: Tatum made the first cut of the roster.

What is it like for you knowing you are regarded as one of the top players at this Camp?

It’s a great honor that people recognize me and my talent out there. You can’t take anything for granted because there’s always somebody who is trying to take your spot. You have to compete and perform every single time you step on the floor.

How do you feel your spring and summer has gone?

Starting out I played 17 and under, which is playing up a grade in the EYBL, and that was a great experience because its probably the best high school league you can play in the summer. I just went out there competing and showing I could play with the best in the country.

Your name is being discussed in the discussions about who is the best player in the 2016 class, how do you react to that?

It’s a great feeling that you have inside because of everything you’ve worked on, everything you have done to prepare and to know that now you might be one of the best players it’s just a really great feeling.

On the recruiting side—have you been having any discussions with friends at this Camp about colleges?

Yeah, me and my good friend Harry Giles have been talking. We’re actually in the same room together and we’ve had some time to talk together. We just talk about some of the same schools that we like and who we have high interest in and what coaches we are most comfortable with and which coaches we talk with on a regular basis. 

Are there any new schools coming into either your’s or Harry’s recruiting picture that haven’t been there previously?

I know Arizona has been talking to us recently, a lot lately and especially Wake Forest for me. I still like Wake Forest, they are a great new coaching staff there and I think they will do well there. 

One of the schools mentioned with you a lot is Duke University, can you give an update on how the communication has been with them during this spring and summer?

Oh yeah, it’s been going great…I talk with Coach K and I talk with Coach Capel and Coach Scheyer. I talk with all three of them just about every day of every week. I have a great relationship with each of them. I talk especially with Coach Scheyer every day. 

What do your conversations center around with them?

We really just, sometimes we talk about basketball or sometimes we just talk about life and upcoming things we have going on in our life. And, of course, I noticed them all in the stands too at my games.

Is that a big deal for you or is it just par for the recruiting course?

It is a big deal for me when they are there like that. I like to see when teams are interested in my game and who comes see me the most.

On the visit front—anything in the confirmed or planning stages?

After USA and summer basketball, i’m going to take some time off and visit schools that I haven’t been to yet.

Like who?

I haven’t been to Arizona, Duke, North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest, Marquette or Florida. I don’t have any dates lined up yet, just when I have time.

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