Coach Cut: "It's a one week at a time season"

Duke head coach met the media on Thursday to discuss this week's game against Miami and where he sees the Blue Devils at this point.


Miami is a really good, balanced football team. What I mean by that is great strength and size in both lines. I think their offensive front is as good we’ve come close to seeing all year. They’re outstanding, and their defensive front is big and strong and a blend of speed. They’ve improved themselves there in a big way. Their linebackers are big. Their speed and skill offensively and defensively is special. Of course we all know that Duke Johnson, I think, is as good a back as there is in the country. And their young quarterback has got a lot of talent. So a very balanced football team and they always pose us problems because of their speed and matchups. We realize that we’re going to have to have our ‘A’ game and be as prepared as we can possibly be. I think the key for us, as always, is how well we prepare on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for us to go play and play at a high level. We’re going to have to play at a high level for 60 minutes.”


?“A third of our season is put to rest. Not that each game is not important, but this is what you play for. This is why you’re here. You’ve got a dual playoff going across the county, which is what I love ... The conference playoff goes on every week. Now that we’ve got eight conference games in a row, it is truly a one week at a time season.”


?“Our guys like going on the road. We’re well-suited to do that. We have a great routine. We’re well- organized in that regard ... Our guys’ focus is sometimes a little easier.”

ON Shaun Wilson

?“Shaun ran the ball well and he’s just got big, physical gifts and he’s tough. One of the things I think our team enjoyed about the game the most was Shaun in there with about eight people on him and they couldn’t get him to the ground. There’s a mentality with him also – he’s a running back. He knows it. He knows how to run the football, he knows how to run it between the tackles and I think he’s going to continue to blossom.”


?“He is great. He is a special football player. He’s a fierce, fierce competitor with good strength and speed. In my opinion, he’s a first round draft choice.”

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