Checking In With QB Commit Quentin Harris

He was the top signal caller on the board and ultimately chose Duke after a lengthy recruitment. Before he enrolls, however, Quentin Harris will finish up his final prep season. We spoke with him about that and more.

“Right now we are 1-2 on the season,” said Quentin Harris of his team’s start. “But we’ve had some injuries to some key players who are coming back, and I’m confident that will continue to get rolling coming off last week’s win.”

Harris, who is playing this year at Watertown (Conn.) Taft School, is considered a three star prospect by Through three games he’s thrown for 490 yards and four scores in a team that prefers to run the ball first. Next season, however, he’ll be in a different world.

“I’ve been following Duke this year pretty closely and I’ve been very impressed with what Coach Montgomery and Coach Cutcliffe are doing with the offense. They are continually lighting up the scoreboard with a balanced attack.”

That balanced attack will provide Harris and his classmates a chance to integrate into a system comes with a fresh set of demands aimed at maintaining a high level offense. Accordingly, Harris says he’s in weekly contact with the Duke coaches.

“I talk with Coach Grizzard and Coach Montgomery weekly. In fact I’m scheduled to talk with them tonight a bit later. Since committing the conversations have changed more toward developing an even stronger relationship with all of the coaches, and I definitely feel more comfortable in speaking with them.”

“The conversations of late have mostly centered around how my season is going and how they are doing with theirs, and when I am going to be getting down to campus for a game.”

There are plans for Duke to host two major official visit weekends towards the season’s end. One will likely be in December, with the second in January. However, Harris says he’d like to come in before that.

“I’m not entirely sure when I will visit, but I would definitely be interested in the North Carolina game, and I also have a bye week in early November as well.”

One of the primary reasons for choosing Duke was the chance to play under Cutcliffe, who has a strong reputation for quarterback development. He’s also notoriously demanding on his signal callers during their four or five year careers. So where does Harris see himself going as a player in Durham?

“I don’t know that he’s going to change anything specifically, but I feel as though he will enhance every skill I currently have and will help me better utilize those skills. I believe he will help me immensely with the mental aspect of the game as well so that I can dissect defensive coverages and tendencies.”

Accordingly, Harris is also keenly aware of what he needs to continue to work on as he prepares to transition from high school to college.

“The biggest thing I need to focus on is stepping into my throws and following through a little more. I also could be better at utilizing the pump fake and looking off some of my receivers to create some more plays and space.”

He committed to Duke back in May, and since that time Harris says most schools have “caught on”, but a few still send him letters and attempt sporadic contact. However, Harris says he’s set on Duke and has thought about the first day he steps on campus.

“When I’m there that first day I’m going to be looking around and taking in the entire Duke experience. I will focus on getting to know my teammates and friends that will hopefully be there for the rest of my life. I’m excited to be able to go to the basketball games and be a general student amongst my peers as well. Really, you can’t beat getting a high quality education while being able to play Division I sports.”

Harris is rated as a three star prospect by

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