Coach Cut: "It's a nice little collision"

The Duke head coach met the media on Tuesday as his team prepares for Saturday's game with Ga Tech

Opening Statement:

?“I thought our practice today had that physical flavor, and we need another one tomorrow. When you’re playing a physical team – and that’s what Georgia Tech is – regardless of what defense they run or what offense they run, they’re a physical football team. We all know they run the ball a lot, and that kind of makes both sides of the ball physical. There’s a reason they’re undefeated. It’s because they’re a really good team. And we’re really looking forward to the challenge. The preparation is a challenge, and when we get on the plane to go to Atlanta, we’ll be ready to go play as good as we can play. It’s going to take that to beat a really good Georgia Tech football team.”

On Duke’s mental state-of-mind heading into another physical game:

?“I think they’re anxious to take that challenge. I believe we have competitors that are really good. I believe we have guys that have great pride in our program and themselves. And it is a battle. There are very personal battles all over the football field. I certainly hope we’re looking forward to that. We need to be, and I believe we are.”

On using the bye week to plan more for Georgia Tech:

?“We had three practices last week, and every one of them was focused on Georgia Tech. We do fundamentals, we work against each other during the open date to get what we call the speed of the game, and then we actually scrimmaged against Georgia Tech’s offense last week with our ones and two defense. They went full-speed live against our Georgia Tech scout team offense, and our Georgia Tech scout team offense did a really good job, as good as they can do simulating. It was physical.”

On how much the scout team talent level has improved since he came to Duke:?

“Much better. We’re able to redshirt some scholarship players, and our non-scholarship program is terrific. That makes a huge difference. Both lines of scrimmage; the interior with the lineman. We’ve got some speed and skill that are working against both sides. It’s sometimes a tough role to play, but it’s an extremely important role. We have a lot of guys that take pride in that, also.”

On Georgia Tech’s ability to take care of the football:?

“They’ve turned the ball over four times. We’ve turned it over five. They have nine takeaways, we have nine takeaways. It’s a nice little collision waiting to happen, and we’ll just have to see. It’s going to be fun to see who wins that battle. Last year, oddly enough as bad as they beat us, we won that battle. But, to me, that’s what you want to play a game for. They’re a well-coached team that challenges you. I hope we’re a well-coached team that challenges them. Something is going to give. That’s what we all hope to coach and play the game for. I’m excited about that to be honest with you. It’s extremely difficult to take an option offense and be as secure with ball as they have been. That is extremely well-coached. That ball is in the air, it’s being handled, there’s an exchange where they’re reading whether to give it or keep it, there’s a pitch. There are a lot of things happening with the ball. When an option team takes care of it, that’s a great indicator of how well-coached they are.”

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