One on one with 2017's Michael Porter, Jr.

One of the top overall players in the class of 2017 says he is looking forward to meeting the Duke coaches and that several schools are ramping up their recruitment of him.

How’s the USA Camp gone for you?

Michael Porter, Jr.: It’s been awesome, it’s been really fun, the competition is really great here and it’s been cool seeing a lot of my friends from around the country. We’re having a good time.

Who are the guys you’re closest with at the camp?

Bunch of dudes in my class, we’ve been through a lot of camps and stuff like that together, so I’m pretty close all the time with them. Troy Brown, P.J. Washington, Matt Coleman, Wendell Carter, there’s a lot of dudes in my class, I can’t remember everybody, but I’m good friends with a lot of guys in my class. Brian Bowen, that’s my guy and there’s some other dudes.

With Brian, we’re rooming together at this camp and we actually roomed together at the Nike 100 Camp, so we just became pretty close.

Seems like you and Troy Brown went head to head during the camp…

Yeah we went one on one against each other in some drills, it was fun. It was good, we weren’t playing for real, we were just having fun.

How have the match-ups gone for you so far at the camp, both with the older guys there and with the guys in your class?

I think I’ve been doing pretty good so far, I’ve just been making the best of my opportunities, it’s really good competition out here and at my position there are a bunch of really good wings out here, so I’m just trying to learn from them and hopefully they are learning from me so we can all get better.

Your class has a lot of talented wings in it, how do you compare with some of them?

We’re all scorers but I would say I’m pretty good at putting the ball in the bucket and I’m a pretty good shooter and I can create my own shot. I’m also tall enough to pass when I get open too.

Do you have any favorite players in college or the pros that you had incorporated parts of their game into your game?

Mostly NBA players, I try to model my game after guys like Carmelo, Rudy Gay, Kevin Durant, dudes like that that are wing scorers. I try to model my game after NBA guys but I also really love watching college basketball. Like with Duke last year, I loved Jabari Parker and he was my favorite player last year and then I really liked the way Michael Carter-Williams played a couple years ago, I tried to pick up things that they did.

What did you try to pick up from what you saw with how Jabari played last year?

He was just unstoppable and he was always under control. He was also a leader even during his freshman year at Duke, which was amazing.

Was last year your first real year of watching the Duke program with Jabari there or had you been watching them prior to that?

I’ve always liked how they played and Coach K’s philosophy, but I really started paying a lot more attention when Jabari was there. They are supposed to be coming down to one of my open gyms in the next couple of weeks and hopefully I get to meet the coaches, I really like that school.

Has Duke had any contact with your coaches or family members at this point?

Mostly my dad and my high school coach, he organizes all that and sometimes coaches will just show up and I don’t even know they were planning on coming, so my coach will tell me and he told me that Duke and North Carolina are supposed to be there in the next couple of weeks.

How do you feel about that?

I’m really excited, those are two really good schools so I’m really excited.

What has your coach and dad shared so far about what Duke has said as they have reached out about you?

I’m not really sure actually, I know I have offers from Kansas, Mizzou, Baylor, Washington, Wake Forest, Wichita State, Illinois, Marquette, Indiana, there’s probably a few more and then Duke and North Carolina, they haven’t offered yet but I think they are coming pretty hard right now.

Is it a big deal for you in your consideration of schools who have already offered you an early scholarship?

Not really I mean, I really haven’t thought a lot about where I want to go to school yet, I mean, there are schools that I like already but them offering me early doesn’t affect me as much.

Which schools do you know you really like already?

All those schools I named, but I’m not really closed off or anything like that because I’ve only visited a couple of schools so far, I need to see how they do over the year.

How do you see it affecting your recruitment if either Duke or North Carolina or both step up with a firm scholarship offer?

I mean, those are huge schools so that’d be big for me, but I’m waiting and seeing and not really anticipating, just going with the flow at this point.

Has anybody at the camp been talking to you about colleges or playing together?

Oh yeah, a lot of guys are talking about playing together in college, we don’t know where yet. There’s a couple of guys I’ve talked about that with like Brian Bowen, Jeremiah Tillman and Kyle Guy, he’s in the class above me but we’ve talked about that since we were little.

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