Limited Edition Autographed Laettner prints

Sports artist Jason Robichau is offering limited edition, signed prints of his latest Duke painting.

A little more than a year ago sports artist Jason Robichau asked Duke fans which moment they wanted to see immortalized. The resounding answer was “The Shot”.

After producing “2.1 Seconds that Last Forever”, Robichau is offering a limited edition lithograph print of the painting autographed by Christian Laettner.

“My goal was to try and capture the essence of the moment,” Robichau told TDD. “In the background of the painting I put a panoramic image of the celebration of the shot as well as the verbiage "2.1 Seconds" and "The Shot”.”

Lateness signed 92 copies of the lithograph after meeting the artist at the K-Academy auction a few years ago. The player and painter plan to team up with a charity of their choosing in order to sell the original.

To order your limited edition print, click here.

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