Coach Cut: "It's a chance to showcase"

Coming into a very short week and off of a tough loss, Duke head coach David Sutcliffe met the media on Tuesday to update his team’s progress.

Duke Head Coach, David Sutcliffe
“It’s a unique challenge. When you get into this circumstance, history tells you that you’ve got to do the things that you do best. When you have a fast turnaround, you depend on what you know best and what you do best in every phase, whether it’s kicking, offense or defense, you’d better go out and get busy improving your execution. It’s a short, short, short week. I have the utmost respect for what they do. They do it extremely well. Coach Fedora is one of the brightest offensive minds in the game. They present a lot of problems. There’s no question they’re difficult to get ready for in just a few days. They’ve got outstanding specialists, an outstanding punter, outstanding return men – every aspect that they play in the kicking game, they play extremely well. Just across the board, it’s a game that puts a premium on your preparation as a team. But we have a short period of time to do that.”

“In all phases, we have to be more consistent in our execution across the board. That’s why our focus always has to remain on who we are.”

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for our university, for our fan base and certainly for our players it’s a great thing. It’s a chance to showcase a great rivalry in all of college sports. It really doesn’t matter what sport it is when you’re this close and the two institutions have as much pride in what we do as we do. It doesn’t get much better than that. It’s fun for the nation to see it from a football perspective, quite frankly, because they really haven’t in quite some time.” “Two years ago, I think the biggest part was at home, we had a crowd that was absolutely a part of that game. We had a crowd that we hadn’t seen here prior to that. That was significant to our players and significant to our staff, to feel that emotion and intensity of that stadium. The atmosphere made something feel like a football rivalry.”

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