Coach Cut: "I'm Not Interested In Anger"

Duke head coach met the media ahead of his team's regular season finale against Wake Forest.


“A number of guys who have contributed so much to this program on the practice field, on the game field and in every aspect. Very happy for them and what they’ve been able to accomplish. Very appreciative to them for what they have done for our program. I can almost get a little bit emotional just thinking about saying goodbye that last time out of the tunnel.”

“The business at hand is a great practice. The only thing I’m worried about is having great football practices. That’s the only cure there is for execution; that’s the only cure for all the little things you expect a team to do. And so we will get back into that mode again tomorrow. I think our energy is good. I think our health is good enough. I think our team will be hungry to compete and play as well as they can Saturday. Wake Forest is a team that’s continued to get better. They’ve got a great formula. When you’re as good as they are defensively, it keeps them in a lot of games. That game Saturday may have been as good as an old- fashioned football game with defense and the kicking game as you’ll ever see. They’re playing extremely hard. They’ve got a blend of youth with some pretty experienced older football players.”

“I’m not interested in anger. You can be mad all you want, that doesn’t fix anything. Great habits, great effort, great technique, great focus, great attention to detail will fix a lot of things.”

“What we do have is a lot of young men who have achieved at a very high level given their talent, given their circumstances, and I’m very proud of all of those guys.” (on Senior Day)

Anthony Boone is the winningest quarterback in Duke history. He finds a way, and what a committed athlete. Jamison Crowder, you guys see what he does on game day, the catches and all of the little things. When you get a great player that is your best practice player, you have something rare. Jamison has just never taken a period off, a drill off, a practice off. He’s a special young man. Whatever Jamison decides to do in life, he’s going to do it really well.”

“I said this morning, I love it when Takoby’s smiling and he’s smiling almost all of the time. He’s got a great temperament. The recruitment of Takoby was fun. He is one of those guys that when he started, he had his battles. He had his moments out there at left tackle seeing some of the best defensive ends. A lot of draft choices that guy played against when he was young. Now I love seeing the worm turn. He’s the dominator. I’ve seen Takoby really enjoy football at a high level over the last couple of years.”

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